Hot List Golf Balls
The Ultimate Equipment Guide

Hot List Golf Balls

Our editors do extensive research to rate all the brands and answer the question: 'What ball should I play?'

The Bag room

2009 Newsmakers: Titleist Vs. Callaway

Titleist Vs. Callaway

The legal battle between Titleist and Callaway was a big story in 2009.
Mike Stachura: The Layered Effect

The Layered Effect

Although small in size, a ball's inner mantle keys its performance.
Tip Plus Video: Stina Sternberg: Important Interiors, Golf Balls
Tip Plus Video

Important Interiors

Stina Sternberg explains why a golf ball's inside should matter to you.
2010 Hot List Golf Balls
Hot List 2010

Golf Balls

A ball that matches your needs and skill helps get the most out of your game.
Max Adler: Can A Golf Ball Be Green?

Green Golf Balls?

Manufacturers are making balls that are good for the environment.
Bomb & Gouge

Bomb And Gouge

Senior Editors Mike Stachura and Mike Johnson discuss equipment issues.


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