The 2011 Hot List

Your multi-section, uncensored, fully-scanned guide to the latest and best clubs, as reviewed by scientists, retailers, teachers, amateur players and Golf Digest's team of equipment editors. We'll unveil the entire 2011 Hot List later this month, but to start, we debut the best new drivers of 2011.
2011 Hot List: How We Did It
The Process

How We Did It

The difference between equipment today and when we started the Hot List in 2004 is that it's now all about what's best for you. Find out more about the extensive, year-long testing and selection of the most significant clubs in the game.
Hot List: Meet the Hot List Judges, Scientists, Retailers, and Players
Hot List Panel

The Team

Q: What kind of people do we assemble to ensure we choose only the hottest clubs of 2011? A: The Team -- Meet the judges, scientists, retailers, and players who helped compile the latest and greatest clubs on the market today.
2010 Hot List: The Process and criteria explained
Terms & definitions

The Glossary

Q: What is coefficient of restitution? MOI? A: You don't need a PH.D in Physics to understand these technical terms. We break down these concepts in plain English.


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