Golf Equipment: Hot List

Hot List: Golf Balls

Distance is nice, but the balls on our 2014 Hot List offer the feel you need

May 2014
Golf Equipment / OVER $36

Price: $45 dozen

This series continues to be unmatched in its variety and commitment to ball-fitting. An intriguing upgrade this year: water-infused cores designed to produce less driver spin.

B330: It's built for Freddie swing speeds with a firmer mantle layer and firmer outer core (pictured). The water-infused core design reduces driver spin.

B330-S: Aimed at 105-mph swing speeds, the four-piece design features the softest cover of any of the B330 balls for high spin around the greens.

B330-RX: The urethane-cover enhances spin on short shots, but its soft compression and thinner mantle layer (20 percent less than before) and new core decrease driver spin.

B330-RXS: The softest overall ball in the B330 line, the new core design means less driver spin, but you'll get more short game spin than RX.

FEEL ★★★★½
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