9 Cool Items For Golfers At CES

January 2014

The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is billed as the largest such show in the world, featuring more than 3,200 exhibitors and an estimated 20,000 new products, ranging from wearables to ultra high-definition TVs to connected cars.

While the conference doesn't include a dedicated golf zone, the week-long event did showcase at least a few intriguing finds for golfer who look to gadgets to improve their game or to make a round more enjoyable.

Here are some products that stood out amid a sea of recently released or forthcoming gadgets at the annual tech confab.

zepp Sensor

This recently released swing sensor is similar to the Swingbyte and other related analyzers. The difference is that the square-shaped Zepp attaches to a golf glove rather than a club shaft. This is a huge deal because it eliminates the hassle of having to remove the device when switching from a driver to a wood to an iron. The Zepp measures tempo, club speed, club plane, backswing, hand speed and other data points, all of which are displayed in a sleek smartphone app. The program also allows you to compare your swing side by side with that of a professional. A sensor, golf mount and charger costs $150.
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