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2013 Hot List: Category Leaders

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March 2013
Hot List Category Leaders

Photo by Adam Levey


Our judges evaluated Hot List candidates in four areas.
PERFORMANCE (45%) What happens to the ball when it's hit by the club.
INNOVATION (30%) How the club's technology advances the category.
LOOK/SOUND/FEEL (20%) What the golfer experiences before, during and after impact.
DEMAND (5%) The relative interest in a product and its reputation.
All judging is based on a 100-point scale. GOLD products earned a score of 93 to 100. SILVER products earned a score of 88 to 92.99. In each club section, the product voted as a CATEGORY LEADER (RED) in each of the four areas of evaluation (Performance, Innovation, Look/Sound/Feel, Demand) is assigned 100 points.

Hot List Category Leaders: Titleist Cameron Select Newport

Titleist Cameron Select Newport

STREET PRICE: $350; five models (Newport 1.5, shown)

TECH TALK: Computer-milled from 303 stainless steel, the Select Newport line is designed to look luxurious while providing soft feel and consistent roll. The deep face milling helps dampen impact, and factory-adjustable tungsten weights in the toe and heel of the sole allow for precise swing-weight tuning. Subtle milling changes at the corners of the clubhead help players set up more squarely to the target.

L: "The sound at impact is quiet, in a nice way, and a little heavier than normal, which I like." ... "You don't hit putts with this, you stroke them."
M: "On long putts, this putter gives you the confidence to just take it back and release it through the ball."

HOT: There's undeniable presence to these putters, and there's no denying they look like jewelry.
NOT: Of course, they're priced like jewelry, too.

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