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2013 Hot List: Category Leaders

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March 2013
Hot List Category Leaders

Photo by Adam Levey


Our judges evaluated Hot List candidates in four areas.
PERFORMANCE (45%) What happens to the ball when it's hit by the club.
INNOVATION (30%) How the club's technology advances the category.
LOOK/SOUND/FEEL (20%) What the golfer experiences before, during and after impact.
DEMAND (5%) The relative interest in a product and its reputation.
All judging is based on a 100-point scale. GOLD products earned a score of 93 to 100. SILVER products earned a score of 88 to 92.99. In each club section, the product voted as a CATEGORY LEADER (RED) in each of the four areas of evaluation (Performance, Innovation, Look/Sound/Feel, Demand) is assigned 100 points.

Hot List Category Leaders: Ping Scottsdale TR

ping Scottsdale TR

STREET PRICE: $150; seven models (Anser 2, shown)

TECH TALK: The aluminum face plate features grooves that are deeper toward the center than they are near the heel and toe, which counteracts the loss of ball speed that comes with mis-hits. Shaft bands help players choose the model most suitable for their stroke: straight, slight arc or strong arc.

L: "The face is forgiving to the point it almost self-corrects." ... "It's fun to putt the long ones with this one, because you make so many. The ball rolls immediately off the face." ... "Good for a player who uses a harder ball."
M: "The simplistic design is very pleasing. The oval-shape cavity is a nice alignment aid if you want it to be."

HOT: The idea of grooves with uneven depth work if you don't mind the difference in sound off the toe and heel.
NOT: Some found the adjustable-shaft model disjointed.

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