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Our picks for the coolest, wackiest, and most innovative items on display this week in Orlando

January 2013
PGA Merchandise Show: Sky Pro
SkyCaddie, which for years has been telling you how far you are from the green, will soon tell you all about your golf swing. SkyPro will make its official launch at the end of March, and it's a motion capturing device that will attach to the shaft of your club (just underneath your grip) and send information to your iOS and android devices. It weighs 23 grams and will record up to 3,000 samples of information per second. Here are all the measurements SkyPro will instantly provide: clubhead speed, hand speed, swing tempo, time to impact, shaft lean at address, shaft lean at impact, backswing length, takeaway angle halfway back, return angle halfway down, shaft angle at address, shaft angle at impact, face angle halfway down, face angle halfway down. My favorite part? You will never have to press an on or off button (the device will know when you're using it) and you won't even have to enter what club you're using (it will know!). This device certainly isn't designed to replace your instructor, but it'll make it much easier to know exactly what you're doing at nearly every point during your swing.
--Ashley Mayo
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