Golf Equipment

Memorable Equipment Launches

This is the time of year when the buzz starts for the new products we'll be seeing in the coming months. Some products have attracted bigger buzz than others. Here are 10 that stand out.

Top-Flite ball

Top-Flite ball (1971)

Although First Flight, Ram and Royal had wound balls with Surlyn covers, it wasn't until 1971 when Spalding introduced its Top-Flite ball that there was a solid-core, Surlyn-covered offering in the marketplace. The ball promised the longest distance possible based on a driver/5-iron combination and its low spin gave tee shots plenty of roll to help back up that claim. Although some dismissed the ball as a "Rock-Flite" for its hard feel, golfers tired of cutting balata-covered balls after just a few swings, eagerly flocked to it, making it one of the best-selling balls of its time.
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