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2012 Hot List: Golf Balls

We found 34 balls that stand out. Why should you care? Well, if irons can be designed to address average players' flaws, balls can be, too.

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May 2012
Wilson Duo

Wilson Duo

Price: $20/dozen
Medal: Silver

Performance: 4
Innovation: 4.5 stars
Feel: 3.5 stars
Demand: 2.5 stars

Tech Talk: Wilson increased the amount of pure rubber in the large core to boost velocity and lower the compression (to 37, making it the lowest-compression ball on the market, according to the company). The goal is to reduce driver spin and enhance feel and spin around the green. A seamless cover with a 302-dimple pattern is designed to improve lift.

Verdict: The Duo is a fresh development for average golfers that deserves some attention for its soft feel through the bag--and for protecting your wallet.

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