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The World's Most Expensive Putters

The World's Most Expensive Putters

In September, Jim Furyk won more than $11 million with a putter he paid $38 for. If only they were all that cheap. These Ebay offerings are at the other end of the spectrum. We asked Leigh Bader and Bobby O'Donnell of Leigh and Joe's Discount Pro Shop, which sold Furyk his putter, and David Levine and Bill Vogeney, members of the Golf Collectors' Society and co-authors of The Art of Putters, the Scotty Cameron Story, to explain why these putters are so expensive. They reminded us, first, that these are only asking prices. Sometimes, said Levine, "there's no rhyme or reason" about what people ask -- or pay. "It's demand. It's fashion," says Levine. Why so many Scotty Cameron putters? "Scotty Cameron has a very loyal following. They love him. He's very accessible to the public. Everybody wants a Scotty Cameron, " says Levine, who has sold his collection of Camerons. Now's your chance.
-- Bob Carney

Scotty Cameron set of limited putters

FIRST CLASSIC Series Scotty Cameron Golf Putter COA SET $26,000

Bill Vogeney: This is Scotty's first set of limited putters, one of 500 sets he made. These seven putters would probably sell for $500-$800 per putter in mint condition. The wooden case is very rare and many were damaged in shipping from one collector to another. Most of these sets have been "broken up," meaning the putters sold off individually. I would guess there are less than 50 sets intact. I would value this set, to the right collector, at approximately $7,500.

Bobby O'Donnell: This set of classics is rare, especially mint, but would not sell for $26,000. Probably closer to between $11,000- $15,000.

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