Get shorty into golf

May 2008

"I like golf because the ball goes farther than in any other sport." This was just one of the many candid comments given by participants at our Junior Hot List summit at the Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge in Orlando. We talked to 17 kids, ages 9 to 11, from tournament players to beginners, about which club designs get them the most excited to play. Club companies were evaluated by the quality and options available in their junior lines, not just the sets that fit our testers. When introducing children to the game, it's important that the clubs match their height, strength and grip. To aid in your search, here are 12 club-and-bag sets from companies whose approach to growing the game meets the approval of our Hot List Judges.

Our Testers

Left to right starting from the top: Gabe Rodriguez, Bobby Gagnon, Billy Gagnon, Nick Costa, Sophie Sternberg, Doug Smith, Justin Havas, Nicholas Moore, Justin Karlins, Austin Rodriguez, Jackson Burttram, Jaret Vargo, Katie Gagnon, Alyssa Gagnon, Charlotte Sternberg, Caitlyn Riley, Savannah Hinman.
May 2008


$130 to $160 /
Known for the one-inch spacers that allow shaft adjustment, the company has launched, in cooperation with golf retailers, a program called KIDFIT. As many times as needed, parents can bring their growing child to any store where the clubs are sold to get the clubs refitted for free.


$200 to $240 /
Both of the company's package sets include a junior-size model of the X460 driver. The ages 9 to 11 version is a 360 cubic-centimeter titanium clubhead with 16 degrees of loft that completes a seven-club set. The five-club set for ages 5 to 8 has an 18-degree, 320cc clubhead made from aluminum.


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