Hot List 2007: Golf Balls

Hot List: Balls

Photos By Jim Herity

February 2007
/ ELEMENTAL /Chemists scan the periodic table like a cook rifling through the cupboards, hoping to create, or maybe stumble upon, the newest material to make golf balls fly farther, spin better, feel softer. The names of these scientific compounds and formulas have a language that laypersons can't possibly hope to understand. Which is fine, because the ball tells us all we need to know. It is the primary unit of the shot. The path it travels exposes everything right and wrong with the swing that launched it. We've divided balls into two categories. The first is Tour Performance, the high-end multilayer balls played by the best in the world. The second is Value Performance, the balls that offer the latest technology without injuring the wallet. What are you going to tee up on the first hole?
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