Buddies Golf

How To Myrtle Beach

Buddies Golf: How To Myrtle Beach

May 2010
Is there any place more devoted to a golfer's fantasies than Myrtle Beach? In this the May issue, we give you everything you need to plan the greatest, most memorable buddies golf trip ever.


The Inside Story: Myrtle Beach stories


Nobody knows Myrtle better than the groups that return every year. Golf Digest's Peter Finch and Matt Ginella recently joined up with five of these annual outings. Meet the groups, and see what you can learn from them, on the following pages.
Beyond Golf

Beyond Golf

Myrtle isn't all golf. Get the inside scoop on the area's best steaks, hotels, radio stations, budget-friendly restaurants, live music and much more...
Golf Digest Ambush

Golf Digest Ambush

How would you and your golf buddies like to be featured in the pages of Golf Digest? Send us the details of your upcoming golf trip, and you and your buddies might be next in line for the Golf Digest Ambush!
The Top 60 Courses of Myrtle Beach

Myrtle's Super 60

Which of the Grand Strand's courses should be on your buddies-trip itinerary? We polled the Golf Digest Course Ranking Panel of more than 900 raters, and here are the top picks, ranked from 1 to 60.
Jerry Tarde: Pack Your Bags

Pack Your Bags

Our late founder, Bill Davis, believed in what he called "the cluster concept" -- all golf destinations are looked upon in terms of a cluster of great courses worth playing. Myrtle Beach is the grandest strand of them all.
Myrtle Beach: $2,000 And A Dream

$2,000 And A Dream

A weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach for under $2000? Yes, it can be done...
Nothing But The Best in Myrtle Beach

Nothing But The Best in Myrtle Beach

What happens when a pair of buddies go looking for a 'Top-Shelf' experience in the home of budget golf.
Myrtle Beach: Strand and Deliver

Myrtle Beach: Strand and Deliver

5 Golfers, 5 Destinations. The Goal: To collect as many Best Places To Play stars as possible in 4 days.
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