Back-roads Scotland

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For more than a week, I had happily avoided Scotland's big golf names. I hadn't been disappointed by any of the courses I'd played, and, in fact, I had found quite a few that I'm determined to play again, including Forfar, Cullen, Askernish, Boat of Garten and, of course, Kingussie. Now, though, as the end of my trip approached, I felt tempted. Mightn't it even be considered a golf sin to come so near the Old Course and not at least try to play it?

I wrestled with my conscience for the rest of the round. Then, as soon as I'd finished, I called the St. Andrews Links Trust, to see if there might be some possibility of getting on the Old Course that afternoon from the singles line (the best strategy for a lone golfer without a tee time). A nice old lady answered the phone and said no, she was terribly sorry, but that wouldn't be possible, because the Royal & Ancient Golf Club had exclusive use of the Old Course until Friday.

I was disappointed, of course. In another way, though, I was almost relieved. At any rate, there was nothing to do about it. So I cheerfully went around Forfar again.

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