17 GIFs That Explain How FootGolf Works

In honor of the continuing World Cup-hoopla, four Golf Digest employees decided to give footgolf a try. The basics are just like golf: it involves one ball each, 18 holes, and the goal is to kick it from the tee into the hole less times than your opponent. But while some things stay the same between golf and footgolf, other things couldn't be more different.

June 2014
footgolf gifs

Bring Storage

In all, footgolf was fun, but I'd be surprised to see it lurching into the mainstream anytime soon. It's a great way to keep someone entertained while they tag along for a round, but it's hard to see it becoming anything other than a complement to actual golf. Either way, it's fun to say we did it, and finding random golf balls in the rough was always nice.
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