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10 Best Golf States

We rank the country's 10 best golf states based on top public courses per capita

Golfers are familiar with the traditional lists of top courses and destinations, but how do the 50 states stack up as golf locations based on their populations? Using the most recent census estimates, we've created a ranking of the best golf states based on the number of great public golf courses per capita. Only courses that rated four stars or above in Golf Digest's Places to Play were counted and private clubs were not included. Some of the states in the top 10 shouldn't come as a surprise, but others surely will as they take the place of bigger population hubs like California, which boasts the most highly-ranked public courses with 154, yet is only No. 43 on this list. So what does it all mean? Well, if you're an average golfer living in one of these states, consider yourself lucky.

Bully Pulpit Golf Course

Bully Pulpit Golf Course

10. North Dakota

Courses: 6; Population: 646,844
What's more shocking than the third-least-populated state making this list is that it barely edged the country's least-populated state, Wyoming. Yellowstone-esque beauty can be seen at Bully Pulpit Golf Course (above) and there are deals to be found. Can you play Edgewood G.C. in Fargo for under $30? Yah, you betcha.
Stephen Szurlej
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