Q&A with Jack Nicklaus

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One course for the rest of your life?
I don't know. I would want to go to one of my golf courses more than likely.

Of yours, which one would you choose?
Well, if I answered that question I'd have about 300 unhappy people. So we don't answer that question.

Mr. Palmer said the same thing.
I take the fifth on that. Well, let me tell you this: if I was going to exclude my golf courses, OK, if I have one round of golf to play, I'd go to Pebble Beach. If I had two places that I want to visit, my favorite place, I'd be hard pressed to choose between Augusta and St. Andrews. If I had one golf course, from a design standpoint, one that I really love, it would probably be Pinehurst. There's a totally tree-lined golf course where trees are not a part of the strategy. And the toughest course I've ever played is Carnoustie.

Yes, Carnasty. That would be sort of the gamut that I would go with.

Have you been to Bandon Dunes?

Any interest?
I don't know any other reason why I would go out there other than to see it. I don't play golf much any more so there wouldn't be much interest in that.

In the My Shot that ran in Golf Digest a few years ago I read that you'll never have a cell phone. You were anti-cell phone. Is that still true?
I said I'd never have one?

I have a cell phone in my car. And occasionally  occasionally -- I even take it out now. But you won't be able to call me very often because I turn it off. It's for calling out for me and not for calling into me.

Then I shouldn't take it personally if you never pick up my calls?
You won't get me. Nobody gets me. Well, my wife gets me. But, I'm still computer illiterate.

Do you have an iPod?
Yeah, I've got an iPod. It's in my drawer beside my computer and it's been in there for two-and-a-half years. Gary put music on it and I put it into my computer, which I pipe through my house. I can turn my computer on to get to my music. I can do a few things.

Have you ever Googled anything?

Do you get e-mail?
No. I would never do that. Everybody I see with e-mail is a slave to it. I've got a secretary for that. They can e-mail her and she can get everything she wants right to me.

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