Q&A with John Elway

John Elway quarterbacked the Denver Broncos for 16 seasons and won two consecutive Super Bowls before retiring in 1999. His low round is 64, and he carries a 0.0 Index

September 2008

You're out at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Edgewood in Tahoe this week?

How many times have you played out there?
I've been out here every year so it's been 19 years that I've been here.

What's your best finish?
Third, I think. They have the stats here. Actually, my best finish is fifth.

Who's the guy you're trying to beat? Do you have a rival on this celebrity tour?
I'd like to win the thing so I'd like to beat everybody [laughs]. There's not one guy but (Rick) Rhoden is the six-time champion so if I beat him, I know I'll be close to the top.

What score do you think you need to shoot to win?
It's a Stableford point system. Usually it's around 70 points--that's probably four or five under. I think that's what it equates to.

Where are you a member?
I'm a member at Cherry Hills, Castle Pines, Whisper Rock, Martis Camp, and The Club at Black Rock.

What's you current index?
A zero.

What's the strength of your game and what are you working on right now? What is your weakness?
I'm working on my 100-yard game and in. My wedge game is what I'm trying to concentrate on this year. I'm always working on my putting. I can drive the ball well at times, that would be my strength, but I'm trying to work on those short wedges and putting.

Are you an equipment junkie? Do you stay on top of the technology?
I always think it's the Indian and not the arrow. I'm not a huge equipment junkie. I hit TaylorMade woods, A Scotty Cameron putter and I have the Ping Eye 2 as my irons.

What's your lowest round?

Where did you shoot it?
I actually shot it twice. Once at Cherry Hills and once at the Club at Black Rock in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

When did you pick up the game?
I really started playing a lot when I got out of college. I was a baseball player and a football player at Stanford so I didn't play a lot of golf in college. I really started playing a lot after I turned pro and I had some time in the off-season.

Has golf filled the competitive void now that you're out of football?
Yes, it does. There's no question. We're all looking for things we can compete at and golf is one of those. It's a heck of a lot different game than football. The mentality is totally different so getting used to that has been a big change. The patience that goes with the game, the little things that go along with the game, you have so much more time to think in golf than you do in football-you have to keep your thoughts positive. I'm not sure I've got that mastered.

Do you take a buddies golf trip every year?
Not anymore. We used to have a group that went down to Cabo to play El Dorado, Cabo Del Sol, those places down there, but we don't have an annual trip anymore.

If a group of people are coming to Colorado, where should they go for public golf and where should they stay?
I don't play a whole lot of public golf, so it's hard, but I would say Arrowhead Golf Club, which is in the southwest corner of Colorado.

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