Q&A with Molly Sims

August 2008

MOLLY SIMS has posed in swimsuits for Sports Illustrated, was an "angel" for Victoria's Secret and starred in the TV show, "Las Vegas." We wanted to know her thoughts on golf.

Your first memory of golf?
It was definitely my dad and my brother. I grew up watching Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer. I don't know what it's called now but I remember being dragged to, when I was six, I think it was called the FedEx, maybe it's called St. Jude now. We followed Lee Trevino when he won. I've grown up with golf. I know about Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan.

Are you a member of a club?
I'm not a member of a club but my father and brother are.

What do you love about golf?
It can be relaxing if you're playing with a good group of people and you're not playing too slow. I think, because I grew up with it, it was a bonding thing with my dad and my brother. They would argue over swings, follow-throughs. They take it very, very seriously. Sundays at my house ,we watched every freakin' golf tournament there was.

How good is your brother?
Todd is trying to get his card right now. He plays on mini-tours. He plays on and off the Nationwide Tour. He tries to Monday qualify.

Is he the one who gives you lessons?
Yes. He's amazing. He totally gives me lessons. 'Keep your head down. Think about being in a chair.' He taught me my grip. I always want to hit the driver and not any other club.

So you're better off the tee than on the green?
I'm much better off the tee. I'm not a great putter. I do NOT have a good short game.

Do you have a favorite course?
Probably the one I went to in New York. Wing-tip? No-Winged Foot! It's beautiful!

If Tiger and Phil are battling for the win on a Sunday, who do you root for?
I root for Phil. I LOVE Tiger, but he always wins!

So you like the underdog?
I like the underdog. But I love Tiger. Are you kidding me? He's fantastic.

I read that you also like to play tennis. If you could play tennis with Federer or golf with Tiger, which would you choose?
I'd have to say golf with Tiger or my parents would kill me!

Have you ever gambled on the golf course?
I've never gambled on the golf course, but I do like watching the Skins Game because I think that's fun.

Would you consider yourself good under pressure?
I do really well under pressure. I hate the time right before it. Like, before I take a new acting job, I stress and I stress and stress, but once I'm in it-I'm good to go.

How would you help the look of the LPGA Tour from a fashion standpoint?
I love Lorena Ochoa. My brother's obsessed with her. She's fantastic. She could beat a lot of the guys, and she's so pretty. I think golf has come a long way, especially in the last five years. I love when they wear all the bright colors and not just in white, or black and white or grey. I would add braids to their hair -- maybe make it a little more Bohemian Chic.

What do you think of women like Annika and Michelle Wie playing on the men's tour?
I think it's fantastic. It's something fun. I hope people don't take it too seriously. You know what, sometimes girls can beat guys and men need to accept that.

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