Golf Digest Panelists comments:"Even though you know there’s room off the tee, you’re on edge — and your swing doesn’t flow as smooth as it normally does. This might be the ultimate mental test in golf.""Risk/reward decisions are not always clear from the tee giving the course a great deal of subtlety. That is the genius of Pine Valley: The irony that one of the biggest, burliest golf courses known to man is also perhaps its most subtle. A true thinking man’s golf course."
2016-17 Ranking

The World's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

The dominant theme of our new ranking of the World's 100 Greatest Golf Courses is proximity to the sea.
Only the brave, the reckless or the intoxicated will try to drive the 310-yard fifth at Quivira Golf Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
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The Best of the Best in Los Cabos

Golf South of the Border has come a long way


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