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Golf Instruction

Rick Smith: Take Your Time

Don't be in a rush to hit long putts
May 2009
Golf Instruction

Rick Smith: Improve Your Accuracy

This shaft drill will help you develop the elusive straight shot
March 2009
Golf Instruction

The Power Issue: Learn to swing in to out

My tips for beating the over-the-top downswing and putting more pop in your tee shots
August 2008
Golf Instruction

Step Forward For Power

This drill will help you feel the lateral move seen in top players
May 2007
Golf Instruction

Learn the bump-and-run

Hinge your wrists, and hold them as you turn through
June 2008
Golf Instruction

Stay stacked

Keep your upper body between your feet
Golf Instruction

The no-fear pitch

With good technique, and a little confidence, you can master this shot
February 2008
Golf Instruction

A better way to putt

My shaft drill will help you ingrain a unified stroke
December 2007
Golf Instruction

How to stop the chip flip

This drill will help you hit crisp shots around the green
October 2007
Golf Instruction

Rick Smith: Improve Your Turns

My drill will help your top-of-the-backswing and finish positions
July 2007
Results: 31 - 40 of 43

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