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Callaway sells Top-Flite to Dick's

At one time Top-Flite enjoyed one of the largest market shares in the golf ball category. Today, the brand was sold by Callaway Golf to Dick's Sporting Goods for $20 million in cash,  according to...
Wednesday, 4/4/2012 at 5:05PM
Gear & Equipment

Golf's "Social Network"

Time was--and it wasn't that long ago--when the marketing of golf equipment focused almost entirely on the technology of a product. In the early 1990s when that master marketer Ely Callaway started pushing his innovative...
Tuesday, 3/27/2012 at 12:27PM
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Can club fitting change your game? Our test needs you

When Golf Digest Senior Editor Matt Ginella recently tweeted "Can't believe I ever bought clubs without getting fitted. Which sounds like an ad, but it's just the facts," it was the kind of aha moment...
Friday, 3/23/2012 at 4:39PM
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Adams on TaylorMade deal: 'the best of both worlds'

When the news came across our desks today at 4 a.m. that TaylorMade was acquiring the long-time independent, self-made success story that is Adams Golf, much of the discussion centered on the bigger company expanding....
Monday, 3/19/2012 at 6:23PM
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Another take on Langer's high swing speed distance boost

Misinformation is a dangerous thing, and were it not possible that a misinformed opinion would unjustly shape an argument that already is more about heat than light, it would remain comical. Fortunately for all of...
Friday, 3/16/2012 at 3:22PM
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TaylorMade's Vincent explains hockey stick technology

More details are coming in about the new stick being developed by TaylorMade and hockey equipment manufacturer CCM. Already in use by a couple of NHL players, the RBZ stick will be introduced in June...
Wednesday, 3/14/2012 at 7:48AM
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TaylorMade getting into hockey technology

It's been noted by more than one golf observer that hockey players, when given the opportunity, tend to have naturally powerful golf swings. That may be a propos of nothing, but the link between the...
Tuesday, 3/13/2012 at 6:01PM
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PGA Tour driving distance: More fun with numbers

If you're looking for clarity about predicting the future when it comes to the distance the golf ball might travel in some future not-so-far away, the most dangerous thing you can do is look at...
Wednesday, 3/7/2012 at 10:10AM
Golf Equipment / Gear Guide: Golf Shoes

2012 Gear Guide: Golf Shoes

Our in-depth guide to golf footwear features 24 models that will change the way your feet feel and your swing moves.
April 2012
Gear & Equipment

Where is distance on the PGA Tour going?

For those who haven't been paying attention, the distance trend continues on the PGA Tour. After last year's driving distance average broke the 290-yard barrier for the first time, all eyes (or at least my...
Tuesday, 3/6/2012 at 1:09PM
Results: 301 - 310 of 563
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