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The Undercover Tour Pro

Monday qualifiers are a joke—and it's not funny.
May 2014
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

Tiger's Warm-Up, Minute By Minute

Tiger is a creature of habit. During the 2013 Masters, he arrived at Augusta National two hours before his tee time each day. With some exceptions for wind conditions, this was his practice routine, minute by minute.
April 2014
Magazines / The Digest | Mr. X

The Undercover Tour Pro

Do you ever wonder how equipment companies get their products into the hands and bags of the professional golfers not under multi-year contracts with a single company? This month, an equipment representative for a putter company reveals the inside scoop.
April 2014
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Max Adler: Surf & Turf

Why the world's best surfers love to kick back with golf.
March 2014
Golf Instruction

Justin Rose: How To Rip Your 3-Wood

My keys to getting the most out of the most important club.
January 2014

Undercover Pro: Drug Testing

I'm getting ready for another season of peeing into a cup. Inside the PGA Tour's drug testing.
January 2014

Undercover Pro: Fake Injuries

Faking injuries for medical extensions has become a strategy to keep a tour card.
February 2014
Golf Tours & News / Golf Tours & News

Max Adler: Back Spin!

Table tennis becomes the go-to game on tour.
January 2014
Magazines / Latinos & Golf

Max Adler: A New Way In East L.A.

At Pico Rivera, free golf for kids is one way to change the culture.
December 2013
Golf Tours & News Tour: Bombers

The tour's young players dream of flexing on a bigger stage.
November 2013
Results: 11 - 20 of 122
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