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Golf Instruction

Jim Flick: Open the face slightly

Jack says that's better than square or closed
July 2007
Golf Instruction

Always hit to a target

Take a tip from Tom Lehman: Practice with a purpose
June 2006
Golf Instruction

Hit and hold

Like Trevino, develop your left arm and wrist for more accuracy
April 2005
Golf Instruction

'Putt' your chips

Take the nerves out of your short shots with Paul Runyan's method
June 2007
Golf Instruction

Knees are key

For a consistent transition, try Lehman's magic move
October 2006
Golf Instruction

Three steps to visualize great shots

Bob Toski says to align your clubface first, then your body
Golf Instruction

Hover your clubhead

Why six-time Masters champion Nicklaus never soled it at address
April 2007
Golf Instruction

Better wide than narrow

Hitting hybrids is easier with a stable lower body
May 2007
Results: 51 - 58 of 58
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