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What's In My Bag: Ernie Els

Ernie Els s a four-time major champion with 19 PGA Tour wins, including the 2012 British Open. From driver to putter, find out what he carries in his bag.
May 2014
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Ernie Els: My Checklist

Ernie Els has won 64 professional tournaments worldwide, including three majors. Read his checklist for putting with confidence.
February 2012
Golf Equipment / What's In My Bag? Ernie Els

What's In My Bag? Ernie Els

See what clubs Ernie Els is using to try to reach his goal of winning the career Grand Slam.
June 2009
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How To Spin Your Wedges

Crisp contact, not a big divot, creates backspin
May 2007
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Ernie Els: Save shots instantly

Effective lag putting can turn a good round into a great one
January 2008
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Escape fairway sand

Make adjustments based on your lie
December 2007
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Driver Swing Sequence: Ernie Els

Looking at Ernie's swing sequence, it's easy to see why so many players at all levels marvel at how he's able to make it look so effortless. A true swinger of the club, Ernie combines balance, power and rhythm in a package that's clearly one of the best actions of all time.
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Swing sequence: Ernie Els

His swing is regarded as arguably the most fluid and effortless in the game. Ernie Els has mastered swinging without having mechanical thoughts in his head.
January 2005
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