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Dustin Johnson: Crush Your Driver

How to hit your drives farther than ever.
March 2015
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Dustin Johnson: My Wedge Game (Video)

PGA Tour player Dustin Johnson gives an overview of what he's working on to improve his wedge game: from the takeaway to proper body rotation.
February 2013
Golf Instruction / Cover Story

Cover Story: Dustin Johnson: Hit Your Best Shots Consistently

In this month's cover story, Dustin Johnson, one of the PGA Tour's most athletic and longest hitting golfers, on his three consistency killers and his fixes for each.
February 2013
Golf Instruction

Dustin Johnson: Create Space To Hit A Draw

To hit a power draw, the club has to swing down from inside the target line.
April 2010
Golf Equipment / What's In My Bag? Dustin Johnson

What's In My Bag? Dustin Johnson

From driver to putter, check out what Dustin Johnson carries in his golf bag.
August 2009
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