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Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

David Leadbetter: The Easy Way To Hit Fades And Draws

David Leadbetter says you can shape shots with the tilt of your shoulders.
September 2010
Golf Instruction / Cover story

David Leadbetter: Hit It Great All The Time

Golf Digest teaching professional David Leadbetter identifies five fundamentals that all great ball-strikers exhibit. Learn what they are along with the drills necessary to blend them into your swing.
August 2010
Golf Instruction

David Leadbetter: Stay Steady On Short Putts

Put pressure on on the instep of your front foot to stabilize your body.
January 2010
Golf Instruction

David Leadbetter: Grip down on short irons

If you want to hit the ball close consistently with short irons, grip down about an inch.
November 2009
Golf Instruction

Leadbetter: Kiss The Knees

Finish with this move for power and control
October 2009
Results: 61 - 70 of 100
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