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Bump It Like Bubba

How to play that impossible chip from behind 15 green—and other tricks you need at Augusta National.
April 2015
Golf Instruction / Golf instruction

Bubba Watson: How To Pure Your Irons

"It's my iron play I'm proudest of right now."
April 2013
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Bend It Like Bubba

Bending shots on command might sound intimidating to a lot of amateurs, but with these tips by Masters champion Bubba Watson you'll find it's easier than you thought.
June 2012
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Bubba Watson's Power Basics

Six keys that will help you make that "kill swing" your normal swing, with no radical adjustments. In fact, the only thing that will change is the longer walk to your ball.
November 2011
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10 Rules From Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson shares his secrets to hitting the long ball
July 2010
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