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New England golf course shows support for Tom Brady by using all No. 12 flags

n Tuesday, Tom Brady met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to appeal his four-game suspension stemming from "Deflategate." But New England's fans have never wavered in their loyalty to the Patriots quarterback.

And now Foxboro Country Club is literally showing support for the four-time Super Bowl champ, reports New England's ABC6 News. In honor of Brady, all 18 of the course's holes have flags with the No. 12 -- Brady's uniform number.


"We feel that this is a miscarriage of justice, way too much penalty for not enough crime, and we wanted to show our support for our hometown team," said club manager Matt Killilea, who gave credit to a few club members for coming up with the idea.

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Killilea also had this message for Brady: "We're behind you and you're welcome any time."

That's good news for Tom. Unless his appeal gets overturned, it looks like he'll have a few free Sundays in September.


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Weird Golf News

Approach shot dents cup liner, ends up wedged between liner and turf

A foursome was playing a casual low-ball match at Council Fire Golf Club in Chattanooga, Tenn. They all hit their tee shots on a par 3 when this happened. 

The ball came in with a little steam, at the perfect angle, and dented the cup liner, and ended up wedged between the liner and the green. 

We called up a local greenkeeper to ask what cups are made out of, and how this could've happened. He said that a lot of cups are made of aluminum and are covered with plastic. Some are even made of just plastic. The best cups you can get are made out of zinc. 

The part of the cup that was dented here, though, wasn't even part of a cup. It's a piece of plastic put in place to mimic white paint on the hole.  

Ultimately, the shot was ruled as a hole-in-one, because the entire ball ended up below the level of the green. 


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Weird Golf News

Every driving range should have an old car as a target

I made my grandma a few minutes late for mass on Sunday. But it was worth it. I was visiting her in Elmira, N.Y., and on our way to church, I saw a really cool driving range. Why so cool? Right in the middle of it, about 150 yards out, there's an old car that you can hit at. 

car target.jpg
(Photo: Keely Levins)

I turned around to go check it out. It's pretty hilarious. An old car that hasn't had a prayer of running in years was towed right in the middle of the range. Everyone who comes to the range ends up being more concerned with adding a dent to the car than actually practicing. And I can see why: The sound of a ball hitting the car is pretty satisfying. 

Part of me thinks that the owners put this target out to deter golfers from trying to hit the range picker that gathers balls throughout the day. Sorry, guys, but no matter what you put out there, the ball picker is always going to be the most fun target. 


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Weird Golf News

What happens when your car gets hit by a golf ball?

There's a lot to be said for strategically parking your car at a golf course. If a hole runs along the parking lot, for example, you probably want to steer clear of spots right up against that hole to help prevent your car from getting hit. 

Reddit user ThirdeyeV2 found a photo of someone's car that was not parked strategically. From the looks of it, the ball went through the headlight covering and came to rest in the headlight. Ironically, the ball has an Allstate logo on it. 

golf ball in headlight.jpgPhoto: Reddit user ThirdeyeV2

Obviously, first thought is that this photo was staged. Hopefully it's not, because it's hilarious. But, fake or not, it does open the question of what happens when your car gets hit by a golf ball, and what if the hack that hit your car doesn't leave a note?

According to an agent at Allstate, golf balls qualify under "fallen objects." So, if the guy whose car got hit was actually covered by Allstate, and had comprehensive coverage, he'd be covered. This coverage comes along with the use of his deductible.

Moral of the story: Don't park your car in a spot where you think it could get hit. And try your best to not be the guy that hits balls into parking lots.  


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Husband and wife make back-to-back aces on the same hole (Yes, this really happened)

Just when you think you've heard every possible hole-in-one story, a new one comes along more incredible than any you've heard. A husband and wife?! Back-to-back aces?! Yep, it happened.

The story of the Blundys comes from the Lansing State Journal, and seems legit thanks to a pair of witnesses who saw what went down on the 16th hole at Ledge Meadows Golf Course in Grand Ledge, Mich. on Sunday. Tony Blundy went first and one-hopped a 7-iron into the hole from 135 yards out.

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It was Tony's first hole-in-one, which matched his wife, Janet's, total. But apparently, Janet had no interest in staying tied with her husband. "You're going to be really mad when I put mine in," she said as she walked to the women's tee box. She then knocked in her pitching wedge from 110 yards.

In other words, Janet Blundy is the Babe Ruth of calling golf shots.


The National Hole In One Association puts the odds of two amateurs in the same foursome making an ace on the same hole at 26 million-to-one. Simple math would make the odds of both players in a twosome doing it on a consecutive shot at least twice that. And as far as a husband-wife combo to pull off the feat? Let's just say it's pretty unlikely considering there doesn't seem to be another recorded instance of it happening.

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"It's surreal. I keep expecting to wake up and it's a dream," Janet said. "If I do, I'm gonna be mad."

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Weird Golf News

When lightning hits a flagstick, it does crazy stuff to the green

By now everyone’s probably seen a tree or two that’s been hit by lightning: branches severed off, strips of bark missing. What happens, though, when lightning hits a smaller target on the golf course? 

This photo from a Reddit user shows what happened to the green at a course in Utah when a flagstick got hit:

reddit lightning.jpg
Photo credit: Reddit user Geoffreypjs

It looks so cool it kind of looks fake. But it’s not. A few other courses have reported similar stories in the past, like this one in South Africa that Gary Player designed:

As cool as it looks, we pity the superintendent that has to heal those burned greens.   

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Weird Golf News

Two fans at the Wells Fargo stole a golf cart from Quail Hollow and drove it to a Charlotte bar

Apparently, Rory McIlroy's seven-shot win wasn't the most impressive performance Sunday at Quail Hollow. Nope, that honor goes to a couple of fans who stole one of the club's golf carts and drove it to a Charlotte bar, according to Total Frat Move.

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Of course, we're not promoting such shenanigans, but this wasn't your normal cart hijacking that usually takes place in the middle of the night and ends a few minutes later when people get bored driving around a course. No, these guys took the cart some time after the tournament ended and then drove it FIVE miles to get to their final destination.

As TFM points out, this required traveling on some major roads in the Charlotte area:


People on the scene said the guys parked the cart on the patio at Selwyn Pub, had a few drinks and left. Someone from Quail Hollow came to claim the vehicle the next morning and put it on a trailer instead of driving it back. Good idea.

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Weird Golf News

Arizona man buys a used set of golf clubs and finds a loaded gun in the bag

According to the Mohave Daily News, an Arizona man bought a set of used golf clubs from a thrift shop in Sedona and found a loaded gun in the bag. Talk about getting some bang for your buck.

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Mel Grewing made the purchase last week and made the discovery of the .22 pistol when he got home. He tried returning the weapon to its owner, but the store didn't know who it had purchased the bag from.

Grewing then brought the gun to the local police department, where the weapon's serial number will be run. If there's no record of the gun being stolen, Grewing, who happens to be a recreational shooter, will gladly keep it. We assume he'll leave it at home, though, on the days he's being a recreational golfer.

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Weird Golf News

Was a tunnel built beneath Los Angeles Country Club connecting Playboy Mansion to Warren Beatty's house?

Was there a tunnel, or at least plans to construct one, that would have run beneath part of the North Course of the venerable Los Angeles Country Club, connecting the Playboy Mansion to Warren Beatty’s house on Sunset Blvd.?

Well, a story at indicated there was and even produced blueprints it says were found in the basement of the Playboy Mansion on South Mapleton Drive in Los Angeles.


“So, according this blueprint, tunnels were built to the homes of ‘Mr. J. Nicholson,’ ‘Mr. W. Beatty,’ ‘Mr. K. Douglas’ and ‘Mr. J. Caan,” the story says. “We’ll go ahead and assume they’re talking about Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan - all of whom lived near the Playboy Mansion during the late 1970s and early 1980s. There are no dates on the architectural schematics, but the dates on the Polaroids were from 1977.

“We asked if we could see the tunnels. A staff member said, off the record, ‘I heard they were closed up sometime in 1989.’”

The backyard to the Playboy Mansion is adjacent to the 13th green of the North Course. The tunnel looks as though it would have had to run beneath the 13th green, part of the seventh hole and the fifth fairway.

The North Course was 26th in Golf Digest’s ranking of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses and has entered a preliminary agreement with the United States Golf Association to take the U.S. Open there in 2023.

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Weird Golf News

Nebraska councilwoman wins battle against ban on feminine-hygiene ads at local golf courses

A ban on feminine-hygiene ads at city-run golf courses in Lincoln, Neb., has been overturned thanks to the work of a city councilwoman, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

The report says Councilwoman Leirion Gaylor Baird stumbled on the ban when reading the agreement with the company, Bench Craft Co., that supplies Lincoln's golf courses with scorecards, course guides, benches, ball washers and display boards. In the agreement, Bench Craft can sell advertising, but Lincoln has a long list of banned substances.

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On that list are things you'd expect like tobacco or alcohol, as well as nothing graphic and nothing political. But what jumped out to Baird was the prohibition of advertising feminine hygiene products or contraceptives. Baird then convinced the council to remove the ban.

"The city really doesn't need to be signaling to women and young girls that this is anything to be embarrassed about," Baird said. "They certainly don't need another . . . reason to be self conscious about their bodies."

Well said. So if you're a guy playing golf in Lincoln and you happen to come across a Playtax ad, don't make a big deal out of it, OK?

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