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Weird/awesome golf news of the week: Lee Westwood saved a man from drowning

Lee Westwood's performance under pressure at major championships has long been questioned. But boy, did he prove he can come up clutch off the golf course.

The reported that Lee Westwood saved British millionaire Colin Davies from drowning in Barbados on Friday. Here's how Davies said the story went down:

"I have Parkinson's disease so to enter the sea was foolhardy or stupid.

"As soon as I entered I realised I was in trouble. My legs wouldn't move, and my wife Linda was out of earshot.

"By the panic that affects a man when faced with the end of his days I found enough strength to try to reach the beach, I became frightened and called out for help.

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"The family next to us on the beach heard my cry and within a second a muscular male grabbed me and, with tremendous but gentle care, got me back to my lounge bed.

"I was so shocked by the whole affair that I didn't convey my heartfelt thanks to the Samaritan who had rescued me.

"My wife returned to our part of the beach, packed up the stuff and headed for the room. A man some way from the incident asked me if I knew the man who had helped me? Still in a mild shock, I replied no.

"The beach Samaritan was Lee Westwood."

A "muscular male," eh? Those off-season sessions in the gym really must be paying off.


Westwood hasn't said much about the incident, only mentioning it when someone on Twitter joked he might have a new career as a lifeguard:

Helping a stranger? Downplay it all you want, Lee, but that's pretty awesome. In fact, Davies hopes Westwood gets rewarded in a major way for his aquatic heroics.

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"If there is a power looking over us," Davies told the Birmingham Mail, "I hope he takes note and delivers three majors to this kind and gentle human being."

We agree, but we're pretty sure Westwood would settle for one.


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Weird Golf News

A man nicknamed "Tiger Hoods" built a mini-golf course in Brooklyn out of trash

People react differently to tough times. Very differently. When one Brooklyn man's wife divorced him, he turned to creating a mini-golf course out of trash to feel better.

On Tuesday, The New York Times ran a feature on Alfred Evans, 53, the man behind the makeshift course. Go check out the story to see photos of all the different unwanted items and debris he's used for his creation.

"I can't afford therapy," he told the Times. "This is my therapy."


However, the collection of interesting holes, including an empty Pringles can that's decorated by a children's basketball net, doesn't just make Evans happy. Local residents, especially children, enjoy playing on the layout that is situated between two bus stops and runs alongside the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. And for his efforts, Evans has earned the affectionate nickname, "Tiger Hoods."

"I didn't know what it would become," Evans said in the story. "But it became something bigger. It became a love. I call it the metamorphosis of an urban golfer."

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Evans, a lifelong Brooklynite who lives across the street from the course, said he has never played on a real golf course, but when he plays on his own design, he imagines that he's playing at the Masters. His favorite time to play is in the middle of the night under the glow of streetlights.

He also hinted he might not be spending as much time there since "he and his ex-wife are on better terms." Good for you, Alfred, but yeah, we can see how telling your spouse you're going outside at 2 a.m. in Brooklyn to play mini-golf would be a tough sell.

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Weird Golf News

The latest grow-the-game initiative? No, it's just a massive sinkhole on a Scottish golf course

You've probably heard about efforts to make golf easier through the use of 15-inch cups. But if that's still too hard, what about this?

Actually, as you can see this was not intentional, and it's instead a massive 14-foot deep sinkhole at Traigh GC in Scotland that is going to cost the club more than $30,000 to repair. Still, if you're still looking for your first ever hole-in-one . . . never mind.

This is not the first sinkhole on a golf course. In 2013, a man was swallowed into an 18-foot sinkhole at AnnBriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Ill. He was quickly rescued, but dislocated his shoulder in the fall. Fortunately at Traigh, no one was hurt.

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Weird Golf News

Weird golf news of the week: Country club bartender charged for threatening to poison John Boehner

A former bartender at Weatherington Country Club, Michael Robert Hoyt, was recently indicted for threatening to murder House Speaker John Boehner, according to a report by WCPO Cincinnati. The FBI says part of that plan included poisoning Boehner's drink at the private club in Butler County (Ohio).


These revelations all came about after Hoyt called police shortly after being fired from the club. When authorities visited his house, "Hoyt told the officer he was Jesus Christ and he was going to kill Boehner because Boehner was mean to him at the country club and because Boehner is responsible for Ebola," United States Capitol Police (USCP) Special Agent Christopher M. Desrosiers said. "Hoyt advised he had a loaded Beretta .380 automatic and he was going to shoot Boehner and take off."

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Hoyt voluntarily checked into a psychiatric ward, where he said he believed Boehner and other members of the club had gotten him fired. Meanwhile, officers found ammunition, notebooks with writings on Boehner and Ebola, and lists of club members in his home, as well as an assault rifle at his mother's house. That was more than enough for the FBI to indict him for posing a "current and ongoing credible threat" to Boehner.

Boehner told the FBI he remembers Hoyt, but no negative interactions with him. Hoyt served Boehner for five years at the club. He is one of three people charged with threatening to kill the congressman in the past year.

After being charged, Hoyt was taken to the Federal Medical Center, a prison in Massachusetts where he was to be evaluated for no more than 45 days. He can be relocated after that period and he faces a possible sentence of 30 years in federal prison.

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Weird Golf News

Weird golf news of the week: Man gets harsh sentence for stealing golf carts

A Panama City, Fla., man has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for stealing golf carts, according to a report by Nathan Michael Huston, 38, received the sentence after charges against him were upgraded from grand theft to grand theft auto.

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This happened after the State Attorney's Office decided golf carts fell under the "motor vehicle" classification. Could this go down as a historic legal precedent? We wonder what the Supreme Court would say. 


According to the report, Huston stole three EZ-GO golf carts from his neighbors in November and was caught after one of the vehicle's owners told the Bay County Sheriff's Office he saw one of the carts in front of Huston's residence. This guy's not exactly a smooth criminal, huh?

When questioned about the carts, Huston first said he purchased them on Craigslist. Then he changed his tune and said he bought them from "a friend of a friend," but couldn't remember any names. Good story, bro.

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Huston pleaded no contest to the charges on Tuesday when he was sentenced. Unfortunately, only one cart has been recovered and returned to its rightful owner so far.

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Weird golf news of the week: Chicago-area man found dead in water hazard

The body of John A. Gaines was found face down in a creek at the Chicago-area Geneva Golf on Friday, according to NBC Chicago.

Gaines, 74, was a longtime resident of the area. He is survived by his wife, Jean, who is the Geneva Chamber of Commerce President.

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A couple playing golf discovered the body when looking for a ball that was hit into the creek on the course's sixth hole. Talk about a horrifying run-in with a water hazard.

An autopsy was performed on Monday and an investigation is pending. However, Geneva Police Commander Julie Nash previously said there's nothing to suggest foul play. Stay tuned.

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Weird Golf News

Man goes bar-hopping while driving a golf cart, ends poorly

golf-cart-dui-2.jpgBy now, we've learned that you can get in a lot of trouble by drinking and driving a golf cart. Our Max Adler dug into the subject in our July 2014 issue, detailing how serious -- and even deadly—manning a golf cart while intoxicated can be.

But this case has us chuckling a bit. According to a report, a man outside Wilkes-Barre, Pa., thought it'd be a good idea to drive his golf cart to the bar on Monday night. He was arrested three miles from downtown Wilkes-Barre. Unless it was a high-speed golf cart, that's a long way away for a golf cart to go. Not to mention, an aggressive move on a Monday.

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This guy thought he was making the responsible decision by driving a golf cart instead of a regular car. Turns out, you're going to attract a lot more attention cruising around town in a golf cart.

Illustration by John Ritter, originally appeared in July 2014 issue of Golf Digest.

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Weird golf news of the week: You won't believe how many golf balls this guy stole

Meet Nathan Brown. He's 27 years old, resides in Missouri, and apparently, loves stealing golf balls.

Brown, who has been nicknamed the "golf ball bandit," recently confessed to stealing golf balls from a Maryland Heights (Mo.) driving range on three separate occasions dating back to November 2013. The total number of golf balls stolen? A whopping 42,000.

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Here's the FOX2Now report:

Brown stole all of the golf balls, valued about about $20,000, from the Golfport Driving Range. His most recent theft occurred in October.

"That almost put us out of business because you need golf balls to operate," owner Carol Boggs said.

"We couldn't imagine that anybody could come in here and pick up that many golf balls without somebody recognizing that there's somebody out there picking golf balls," added Boggs.

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Smartly, Golfport Driving Range puts its own logo on the balls and updates it each year. That probably made it a bit tougher for Brown to unload his stolen goods (is there a black market for range balls?), though, police have only recovered about 2,000 of the golf balls so far.

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Weird Golf News

Apparently, there's a place called Casino Golf Club. And it keeps getting broken into

First off, there's an actual place called the Casino Golf Club? Sounds awesome.

Turns out, it's located in Australia and like it sounds, it doubles as both a golf course and a casino. Again, awesome.

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What's not awesome, though, is all the crime the club has suffered recently. According to the Ballina Shire Advocate, the club has been broken into six times in the past four weeks.


The above photo is from security footage that shows three people breaking in while a fourth waits outside in the early morning hours on Nov. 21. Fortunately, no one was hurt since a cleaner working at the time locked himself in a closet -- you can see he left his supplies in the middle of the floor -- after the intruders broke through the glass doors with bricks.

Police are still investigating a myriad of crimes, which include everything from stealing a set of golf clubs to damaging a poker machine. Again, this place is called Casino Golf Club.

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Weird Golf News

Weird golf news of the week: Thief in Hawaiian shirt is slicker than he looks

Police are looking for a man who stole golf clubs from Pelican Point Golf Shop in Gonzales, La., according to the Gonzales Weekly Citizen. If authorities catch him, they should consider adding a charge for wearing a hideous Hawaiian shirt.

Surveillance video from Nov. 16 caught an older man wearing such a shirt -- along with an equally obnoxious hat -- red handed. Or in this case, black slacksed.

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The man bought a few small items, but stuffed golf clubs down his pants and walked out of the store when the clerk went to help someone else. He pulled the same stunt again a little later. Here's a screen shot of him from the video:


Apparently, the man isn't as clueless as we thought. The four clubs he took are worth a whopping $1,448.97, and despite dressing like Chris Berman, he has yet to be apprehended.

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