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This woman with ALS draining a long putt on live TV will be the coolest thing you see all day

Branden Grace's remarkable recovery shot at the Qatar Masters grabbed the early lead for pro golf's shot of the year, but we're declaring the competition in the amateur ranks over for 2015.

Meet Madeline Kennedy, an avid golfer who was diagnosed with ALS 30 months ago. Kennedy has lost the ability to walk, but she has kept on playing golf thanks to a specialized cart that helps her stand up to hit the ball.

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Inspired by Kennedy's fight with this awful disease, Worthington Country Club in Bonita Springs, Fla., held an event to raise money for ALS research. And when WINK-TV News (CBS) showed up to do a live report from the course with Kennedy, she struck this amazing putt on her first try:

How about that?! The putt was officially measured at 77.6 feet, but we're going to round up and call it an even 78. Nice job, Madeline. Oh, and out of curiosity, how much do you charge for putting lessons?


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Watch Jim Furyk channel his inner LeBron James with golf tee toss

On Thursday, Callaway Golf tweeted a video of Jim Furyk mimicking LeBron James' pre-game chalk toss by tossing a handful of golf tees. We can only hope this will act will appear in a future commercial -- and on the first tee box of an actual tournament at some point.

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How does Furyk's take compare to when LeBron does it? Let's take a look at James igniting the crowd before the Cleveland Cavaliers' opening game this season:

Overall, it's a nice effort, Jim. But to really nail it, you need to gaze to the sky and hold your arms a little wider apart like James does for a more dramatic effect. Here's a more helpful visual:


Furyk didn't win a tournament in 2014 so he's not in the field this week at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. On the bright side, that gives him more time to practice his new pre-opening shot routine.

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This 11-year-old just made the best golf rap video you'll see in all of 2015

Recently, we compiled a countdown of the top 25 golf viral videos of 2014. But we already have a front-runner for the 2015 list.

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Meet Matty, an 11-year-old golfing enthusiast/entrepreneur from Vermont. Apparently, Matty, is also an aspiring rapper. Here, he takes Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and creates his own song, called "#StopDropAndMakeA12Foota." The lyrics are catchy, but his reactions to making 12-footers everywhere -- and we mean everywhere -- are what make this an instant classic. Enjoy:

There are more fun videos from Matty on his website (where he's also started a golf clothing line) and on Twitter and Instagram, where he has the screen name @Md_18undapar. Why is that his screen name? Because he believes he's going to do that one day. How can you not love this kid?!

And maybe it's not as crazy as it sounds. Ben Hogan once said, "I see no reason why a golf course cannot be played in 18 birdies. Just because no one has ever done that doesn't mean it can't be done."

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Good luck, Matty, we're rooting for you. And good luck to everyone else trying to top this video in 2015. The bar has been set really, really high.

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This golf trick shot video with a young cancer survivor is the most heart-warming thing you'll watch all day

The Bryan Bros released their latest trick shot video on Wednesday and this time, they had a special helper. Clarkie Carroll is only 12, but he's already been through a lot. And fortunately he's healthy now after undergoing 10 months of chemotherapy to treat a rare form of bone cancer from 2013-2014.

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In the video, Clarkie, who has been known to pull off his own trick shots, plays the role of assistant as the Bryan Bros exhibit heir usual dazzling display of hand-eye coordination at Pinehurst. He also re-enacts the famous Payne Stewart putt at the 1999 U.S. Open and shows off his own sweet swing toward the end of the clip. Check it out:

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Watch Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson recreate their own famous shots WAY too easily

Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson had a playful competition on the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates, the site of this week's DP World Tour Championship in Dubai. It served as the latest reminder that Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson are ridiculously good at golf.

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All three have authored memorable shots on the course's par-5 finishing hole, so each gave the other two a chance to pull off the same shot. The results were pretty amazing:

We're not sure how much the European Tour's latest video was edited, but from the participants' reactions, it doesn't seem like very much. Rory just stepping up and knocking a 5-wood from 248 yards to two feet like Stenson did last year? Stenson wrapping his leg around his putter and draining the same 15-foot curler McIlroy made to win the event the year before?

It's enough to make the average hacker sick.

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Watch an elephant take Jason Dufner's hat, tease him, and then give it back to him

There's not much else to say about this clip involving Jason Dufner and a baby elephant other than this is one WELL-trained elephant:

Dufner is in Thailand this week to play in the Asian Tour's Chiangmai Golf Classic. The clip of him interacting with wildlife reminds us of two years ago when Dufner took this memorable photo with a koala bear as part of his trip to Australia to play in the 2012 Perth International:

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Jason Dufner. Great ball-striker. Good sport.


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You won't believe how fast the world's fastest golf cart goes

Golf carts never go as fast as we want them to (damn governors), especially those slow-accelerating gas ones. Plum Quick Motors, however, created one with just a bit more juice than what you'll find at your local muny.

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The company tested out the vehicle -- named "Bandit" -- on Friday at Darlington Dragway in Hartsville, S.C. and set the Guinness world record for fastest golf cart at 118.76(!) miles per hour. The next step is making this bad boy golf course legal.

(h/t Golf News Net)

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Watch Martin Kaymer and Bernhard Langer crush insane drives . . . with their putters

We love watching the pros, but let's be honest, it can make us feel a bit inferior when it comes to our golf games. Well, prepare to feel even worse.

Mercedes-Benz filmed a video of Martin Kaymer and Bernhard Langer having a friendly long drive contest. The catch? They could only use a putter. Here's how it played out:

The best part of the video -- other than the ridiculous drives these guys pull off with a putter, of course -- is when Kaymer, impressed by hearing how far Langer hit it, exclaims, "Bernhard! . . . How old is he? 54?" (Told 57) "57!"

But if you got a chuckle from that, your jaw may have dropped when you saw the final numbers. Not surprisingly, Kaymer, who is just about half of Langer's age, won easily, but with a distance of 212.3?! Really?!

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But wait, those numbers are in meters. In yards, Langer's farthest drive went 208, while Kaymer's went a whopping 232!

Yep, Martin Kaymer hit a ball 232 yards using a putter. Yep, Martin Kaymer can probably hit a putter longer than you can hit your driver. Sorry. We feel your pain.

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Watch this guy make the longest four-foot putt ever (you'll see what we mean)

As far as viral stunts go, there is still nothing better than your basic “how did he do that” putt. In this case there are the usual YouTube commenters suggesting fakery and, more legitimately, gripes about the vertical framing.

Either way, according to the posted clip, “Greg” reached Elie Golf Club’s long, difficult par-4 ninth green and had a four-footer for birdie. But because golfers never want to take the easy way out he belted his putt up a slope and appeared to cover about 100 feet of fescue green to make his birdie. 

Looks real to us:


As a side note, The Golf House Club, Elie, as it’s formally known, sits in the “East Neuk” of Fife and is one one of Scotland’s quintessential “hidden gems.” The 6,273-yard course features a tremendous golf experience offering stellar ocean views, a connection to the quaint town of Earlsferry and the kind of satisfying challenge that makes you understand why golf prospered in Scotland.

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Eagle takes and then returns golf ball; headline writers everywhere rejoice

The problem with a video about an eagle on a golf course is the bad golf puns are inevitable. Come on, an eagle? It's too easy! Make us work for it!

Anyway, here's Part 1 of a two-part nature drama in which an eagle takes a golfer's ball on the 12th green of North Bellingham (Wash.) Golf Course, presumably for good.


But no! The eagle actually returns the ball on the 13th tee, as revealed in Part 2.

What a good eagle! Meanwhile, theories abound on why the eagle took the ball off the green, only to return it.

1. He had the seen the guy putt and was trying to spare him further humiliation.

2. The eagle thought he wanted the ball, but he only plays Titleist, so he gave it back. (It was probably a Pinnacle).

3. The guy had inadvertently hit into the eagle's group, and this was the eagle's passive-aggressive way of telling the guy he should have waited ... or at least yelled "Fore!"

Attempts to reach the eagle through his publicist were unsuccessful.

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