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Michelle Wie to guest star on "Hawaii Five-O," because of course she is

Michelle Wie will guest star on an episode of "Hawaii Five-O" on Feb. 20 on CBS. But before you get too excited about seeing what kind of acting chops the LPGA star has, you should know she'll be playing herself and not some criminal mastermind.

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In the episode, Wie, a native of Hawaii, will give advice to Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O'Loughlin) on how to beat Captain/SWAT Commander Lou Grover (played by Chi McBride) at a charity golf event. Here's a photo of Wie and McBride in action:


Another athlete, former UFC champion Randy Couture also guest stars, but he gets to play the much cooler role of a serial arsonist. And in case you're wondering, this isn't the episode in which a pro golfer is allegedly kidnapped, beaten, and robbed after leaving a Hawaiian wine bar.

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This guy had the best time of anyone at the PGA Show and it wasn't even close

Matty Duplessis is an entrepreneur, an entertainer, and an accomplished golfer. Oh yeah, he's also only 11.

We recently highlighted his music video in which Matty, better known by his social media handles @Md_18undapar, shows off his skills as both a rapper and a putter. But his biggest talent just might be his ability to light up a room -- even golf's biggest room.

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Matty made his first appearance at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last week and boy, did he make the most of it as evidenced by his Instagram feed. Here he is with some of the game's biggest stars, like Bubba Watson:

A photo posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

Lexi Thompson:

A photo posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

And Lydia Ko, with whom Matty joked by saying "Prom?" in his caption. Aww.

A photo posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

Then there were the teachers this young player took advantage of meeting, like Hank Haney:

A photo posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

Dave Pelz:

A photo posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

And Dave Stockton:

A photo posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

Matty then got to show off his skills. Check out that powerful swing! And the perfect club twirl:

A video posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

And of course, Matty got his picture taken with Blair O'Neal -- a must for all PGA Show first-timers:

A photo posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

Nice work, Matty. We can't wait to see what you do next year. You know, when you're 12 and running the entire event.

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Here's the first photo of DJ and Paulina's potential future PGA Tour/NHL star

On Tuesday evening, Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky announced the birth of their first child. By Wednesday night, Paulina was feeling good enough to share the first photo of their baby boy on Instagram:

Happiest day of our entire lives was welcoming our sweet baby boy into the world 1.19.15 @djohnsonpga

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Will he follow in his father's footsteps and become a great golfer? Or will he take the lead of the Great One, grandfather Wayne Gretzky, and turn into a hockey legend?

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Or maybe, with Paulina as his mom and Janet Jones as his grandma, he'll wind up being a model. There's still no word yet on the baby's name, but what a set of genes he's inheriting.

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We knew those toothless Tiger pics looked familiar

Like everyone else, we've been transfixed by the saga surrounding Tiger Woods' missing tooth, the cause of which remains unclear. Was it a cameraman? A dentist? Our own theory can be summarized in two words: stale bagel.

The mystery remains unsolved for now. Nevertheless, the concept of Woods with an incomplete row of pearly whites is not completely new to us. Here's how we imagined it back in 2011, as part of Golf Digest's Risk Takers Issue.

This was illustrator Mark Fredrickson's rendition of Woods flashing a vintage Alfred E. Newman "What me worry?" expression. Had Woods known then the next three years would be as topsy-turvy as they've been, he might have been portrayed differently.

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Tiger Woods' missing tooth saga continues, dentists around the world prepare to weigh in

Lindsey Vonn broke a 35-year-old skiing record with her 63rd career World Cup victory and boyfriend Tiger Woods was there to see it. Well, we think this is him:

blog-tiger-woods-mask-0119.jpgAccording to a USA Today story, Woods surprised Vonn by showing up in Italy for the historic moment. Hey, what are private jets for?!

"I didn't think this could get any better than yesterday with my entire family here but now with Tiger here this is unbelievable," Vonn said. "I said, 'I can't believe you came.' And he said, 'I told you.'" Aww.

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Woods didn't surprise anyone by not speaking to reporters. After all, the Halloween mask indicated he didn't even want to be seen by reporters.

Tiger will tee it up for the first time in 2015 next week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Something tells us his new disguise would really put a charge into that boisterous crowd on the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale.

UPDATE: Thanks to for noticing these AP photos of Woods with the mask down and showing a missing a front tooth.


That might explain why he was wearing a mask. However, it doesn't explain why he is missing a tooth -- or why the mask had to be so scary. Stay tuned for more on "Toothgate."

UPDATE No. 2: This story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Here's what ESPN's Bob Harig tweeted after speaking with Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg:

Here's a full statement from Steinberg: "During a crush of reporters at the awards' podium at the World Cup even in Italy, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged toward the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth. Woods's tooth was knocked out by the incident."

UPDATE No. 3: But wait, there's more! Now race organizers are disputing Steinberg's account, saying any incident involving Woods and a cameraman was not reported to them. "I was among those who escorted him from the tent to the snowmobile and there was no such incident," Nicola Colli, the secretary general of the race organizing committee, told the Associated Press.

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Here's how we'd fix these Miss Universe contestants' golf swings

Donald Trump celebrated his renovation of the Red Tiger course at Trump International Doral on Monday by hanging out with a bunch of Miss Universe contestants, which is a very Donald Trump thing to do. In any case, part of the ceremony involved a few different contests hitting golf balls. Some of them looked pretty new to the sport, so we wanted to offer a helping hand.

Miss Ireland
Probably the best swing of the bunch. She straightens her body a little too much during her backswing. If she takes off those high heels and maintains her posture a little better, she could be pretty good.

Miss Czech Republic

miss-universe-2-518.gifShe's not trying to hold anything back, which we can appreciate, but judging by the size of that divot (and the non-existent ball flight) it's clear she's standing a little too close to the ball. Her backswing is a pretty flat, too, but her lower body action isn't bad at all.

Miss Ghana

Miss Ghana's grip is a bit of a disaster, and she's got to lengthen that backswing. Maybe she's going for accuracy over power.

Miss Israel

Stance and grip both need a lot of work, but judging by her reaction after missing the ball, she seems to have a good attitude about it all. 

Miss Lithuania

Another accuracy player, apparently. Making contact is the first step, which she accomplished without any problem. The next step: a wider stance and a bigger backswing.

You can see the full video, courtesy of the Miami Herald, right here:

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Patrick Reed reveals one of the worst hat tans we've ever seen

It's safe to say this is one of the top-five worst hat tans we've seen in golf.

Patrick Reed won the Hyundai Tournament of Champions last night in a playoff over Jimmy Walker. But much of the buzz on Twitter, as the tournament was competing with college football's NCAA Championship game, was an image of Reed's dome without his cap.


It was just a year ago in Hawaii when Stewart Cink startled the golf world with an unreal tan of his own. Cink's still got Reed one-upped -- with the FULL bald head on pale alert.


Reed has a "don't care" swagger like no other in golf. Wearing a red shirt with black pants during final rounds, ala Tiger Woods' Sunday red. Declaring himself a top-five player in the world at age 24. Look up Patrick Reed in the dictionary, and bashful or shy might be listed as antonyms.

And clearly, maintaining a balanced hat tan is not on Reed's list of priorities. But winning golf tournaments is.

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Giant bear gets into a golf cart, sits down, tries to drive it

Between this and that other bear who danced around on a green, we should seriously consider making our grow-the-game initiatives more inclusive for bears. We couldn't find any more information on this bear, but it's worth keeping in mind that full-grown bears like this can get up to 500 pounds. Thanks to for spotting.

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On National High Five Day, celebrating the subtle art of the golf high five

By Sam Weinman

In golf, we love the high five. Sure, we now have the fist pump, and the forearm bash, and if you're Jason Dufner, you might even get away with the occasional butt squeeze. But when all of those run their course? Mark our words: We'll be back to the high five. 

"That cop let you off with just a warning? High five! Oh, and nice putt."

In golf, the high five is kind of like the wooden tee. There will always be something newer and purportedly cooler to try to replace it. But nothing ever lasts.

Golf high fives come in all shapes and sizes. Some are subtle. Some are emphatic. Many are painfully awkward. And today being National High Five Day (yes, it's an actual day -- shame on you for not getting us a card), we figured there's no better time to celebrate the many ways they surface on the golf course.

Naturally, the most common use of the high five in golf is the "You just made a big putt and I'm pretending to be happy for you" high five.

A close second would be the "Hey, look, we're wearing the same shirt!" high five.

Once in a while, though, five just won't do.

Baby high fives are always cool.

But not quite as cool as "I just chipped in at the Masters" high five.

The only thing that would be cooler is a "I just holed out for double eagle" high five. 

But only if you make contact. 

When you miss? Not as cool.

(Photos by Getty Images)

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7 people who are really, really, really excited about the Masters

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

The Masters is so close!

So. Close.

We're excited, and if you're going to be among those in the crowd, we know how you're feeling. Still, you're probably not as excited as these people ...

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Like this girl.

Or 1967 Masters champ Gay Brewer.

This lady looks totally awestruck by it all.

This guy is literally licking his chops.

And this guy, well, he's only slightly creepy.

Throwback excitement!

And finally, this guy, who just witnessed an Augusta National hole-in-one.

To everyone going to the 2014 Masters: travel safe and have fun!

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