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Game improvement: Recharge your whites

By Alex Holmes

No matter who you are, chances are you've got some gear in your game that could use an update. While we don't advise retooling everything at once, trading up a few staples at a time is the ticket to solid style. Each week we'll pull a dud from the dark depths of every man's collection and suggest a simple substitute. Check your nostalgia at the door -- it's time for your tune up.

Deep into the heart of summer and a few weeks removed from Wimbledon, I figured it was high time to address summer's most suitable shade -- white. Weather you're on the beach, the boat or the back nine, there are a ton of great white options to take you through the summer in style. 

The rules? They're aren't many -- depending on what your wearing white will go with pretty much anything. (Just watch out for red wine and red lips and you should be in the clear.)

Check out some of our summer staples and re-charge your whites for the last leg of the season.

Uniqlo Extended Placket Polo, $29.90

loop-Uniqlo-White-Polo-Extended-518.jpgIf you've been following the style content on the Loop you know we love ourselves some Uniqlo, and this polo's yet another reason why. You can never go wrong with well-priced, well-fitting basics with just the right amount of detail. This white polo is the only one you'll need to wear this summer.

Levis White 501, $68

loop-Levis-White-501-518.jpgWearing white is one of the easiest ways to dress up your denim. Wear these with a simple stripe shirt and a navy blazer and you've got casual Friday nailed through September. **The whole "no white after Labor Day" thing was made up by somebody's mom. Wear it right and white can last you through winter.

Patrik Ervell White Club Collar Oxford, $110

loop-Patrik-Ervell-White-Oxford-518.jpgA white oxford shirt is one of most integral pieces in a man's wardrobe. If your current one is starting to muffin top a bit out of your trousers, it's time for an update. The club collar and button pocket offers just the right amount of interest in this menswear mainstay.

RLX Cypress Tech Bermuda, $79.50

loop-RLX-Cypress-Short-518.jpgThe only issue with white is that it will show off even the smallest dirt and divot stains. The polyester tech shorts from RLX look sharp but more importantly will continue to look that way wash after wash after wash.

Me Undies, $20

loop-Me-Undies-518.jpgSave the fundies for valentines day and keep the undergarments light and white for summer. Me Undies is a new start up that sends you fresh basics made from organic fibers on subscription every other month.

Take a peak in your closet and figure out which of your whites are in need of an upgrade and start working your new gear into your game on and off the course this season.

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5 watches under $100 to put in play this summer

By Alex Holmes

If you can rock the Rolex than by all means wear it with pride but there are also a bunch of fun and inexpensive pieces out on the market these days that can add some serious style to your game on and off the course.

There was a time when men would make a big to-do about matching watch bands to shoes or accessories and yes, if your wearing your tux make sure everything you’ve got on is on the dark and dressy side. For the other 364 days out of the year, I wouldn’t worry to much about it. I’ve been wearing my weekend watch with my suit this summer and think the contrast looks pretty cool.

So, whether you’re rolling on a budget and want to pick up a new time piece or you already have your day-to-day dial and just want a fun knock-around clock for the weekend, check out five watches under a C-note to put into play this summer.

Seiko Navy Automatic, $55

loop-Seiko-311.jpgAdidas White Peachtree Digital, $65


Fossil Aeroflight, $90

loop-watches-Fossil-Aeroflight-518.jpgTimex Weekender, $45

Swatch Lemon Profond, $90


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A iconic British brand has golf apparel that can play stateside

By Alex Holmes

With the British Open center stage this week, we put together a kit with serious sartorial swagger from a brand with unrivaled British heritage.

Aquascutum, while probably not as well-known as fellow Brit-brand Burberry, actually claims the longer lineage and is also credited with the development of one of the most iconic menswear pieces in history: the WWI trench coat. The company was founded in 1851 by Mayfair tailor John Emery and its name literally means "water shield" in Latin. It was Emery who first weaved waterproof wools and worked with the British military during the Crimean War to incorporate these fabrics into military uniforms. By WWI, the waterproof wool trench was a standard-issue style for British infantrymen.

Aquascutum's tradition of foul weather fabrics did not stop there. The brand also outfitted Edmund Hillary on his successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. By the second half of the 20th century, the company leveraged its historic pedigree and quickly became a world-renowned luxury brand, clothing everyone from Hollywood heroes to dandy dignitaries.

In 2011 Aquascutum brought its signature British style to the golf course and introduced Aquascutum Golf. The brand has always maintained its attention to tailored and technical details and continues to design sharp selections for on and off the course. This summer, mix up your move with some classic English styles cut from cutting edge performance fabrics.

Aquascutum gear -- all available at

loop-aquascutum-clothers-518.jpgTop left: Light Weight Stretch Polyester Waterproof Jacket, Navy - $450

Bottom left: Moisture Shield Pique Polo, Light Blue - $145.00    

Right: Iconic Gun Check Stretch Trouser - $195.00  

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Forget the Beatles. Golf has another British import to remember

By Alex Holmes

loop-general-Harry-Lumsden-280.jpgWith the British Open back in England we take a look at the trouser that has a distinctly British origin: the Khaki.

As the story goes, in December 1846, Sir Harry Lumsden (right) and William Stephen Raikes Hodson, two commandants of a British Military regiment in India’s North West Frontier, were tasked to raise a fighting force of British Indian recruits from Peshawar. Lumsden and Hodson noticed that the native’s natural garb stood out considerably against the region’s sandy backdrop and rendered no level of uniformity between the men. The traditional British Red Coat was no use either as the heavy fabric was too hot for the climate didn't create much more contrast with the natural surroundings.

loop-Corps-of-Guides-Infantry-350.jpgSo it was that Hobson and Lumsden imported tan drab fabric from Hobson’s brother in England and started creating Khaki kits for their troops. The regiment was known as the Corps of Guides (left) and quickly became an elite fighting force in the region. Their khaki colors proved to be so functional that the British Army adopted the look as the standard uniform for the entire colonial campaign.

So, when you’re watching the Open this week, remember that both the Beatles and your beat-up old khakis are just two different pieces cut from the same British cloth.

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John Daly is wearing SpongeBob SquarePants pants at the British Open

By Alex Myers

By now, we're all used to John Daly wearing crazy pants at golf tournaments. It's his thing since winning golf tournaments hasn't been his thing for awhile.

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But SpongeBob SquarePants, um, pants? At the Open Championship? Something tells us Harry Vardon wouldn't have approved.


Daly was rocking this particularly outrageous look on Wednesday at Hoylake. Yes, he also wore these beauties at the Qatar Masters Pro-Am earlier this year. But that was the Qatar Masters Pro-Am. This is the oldest major championship in golf!

Here is the entire outfit, which included pink shoes and a matching pink shirt, which unfortunately fortunately was covered up by a windbreaker:


The 1995 Open winner is playing this week because former champs under the age of 60 are exempt into the tournament. Daly is 48, meaning the R&A has another decade of this to look forward to unless they change the rule -- or, at least, outlaw pants that contain cartoon characters.

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Ultra hip website The Chive has a line of golf apparel. Why that's a big deal

By Alex Holmes

Q: What do a beagle wearing a beret, 1,000 half-naked women snapping selfies and golf all have in common?

A: All of these topics and many more run daily on the website

For those not familiar with The Chive, brothers John and Leo Resig launched it in 2008 as a photoblog and entertainment site featuring everything from turtles to toddlers caught on camera in all sorts of hilarious situations. Add in a healthy dose of busty coeds, and you have the current-day iteration. The site reads somewhat like the lovechild of The Onion and Buzzfeed … if Maxim Magazine had been the mid-wife.

Although some might dismiss The Chive as a legion of millennial men captivated by cat photos and a steady stream of T&A, the Chive Nation is not to be underestimated. (By 2013, the site’s 20.1 million monthly unique visitors, according to Bloomberg Business Week, registered web traffic stats that eclipsed the likes of USA Today, Comedy Central, NPR and Disney.) Moreover, followers are credited with countless random acts of kindness and millions of dollars crowd sourced for Chive Charities. “We’ve moved from a website to a brand to a culture,” John Resig told Bloomberg.

Here then is where golf comes in. With the launch of Chive Golf in 2013, the Chive Nation has begun fancying itself as a golf nation as well.


With more product out this summer, the Chive Golf collection ranges from pique polos and Bill Murray ball markers to bikini-babe tees and ironic high-crown visors.

loop-chive-golf-guys.jpgThe polos are on trend, with a sharp assortment of stripes and a few retro looks with extended contrast plackets. The silhouettes tend toward the slimmer side, but are certainly not skinny -- they are perfectly tailored for guys who aren’t strangers to Bud Heavy but haven’t completely ignored the gym, either. Chive Golf also nailed the difficult to execute camo move, with trousers in navy, black and green. Oh, and lest we forget, there’s certainly no shortage of swimsuit models in the Chive Golf promo-vid. (Ya know - just to round out the product.)

All in all Chive golf fits in perfectly with the rest of the brand’s bravado; without taking itself too seriously, Chive Golf manages to rock the boat with their signature style, yet without threatening to capsize the ship. Whether you’re a long time Chiver or a rookie in the ranks of the Chive Nation, the new golf line is fresh and fun and most certainly worth a look. If their t-shirts are any indication, the new duds may not be in stock for long so, keep calm, chive on and check em’ out. 


Photos courtesy of

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Game improvement: Why micro-print shirts can have a macro impact on your style

By Alex Holmes

No matter who you are, chances are you've got some gear in your game that could use an update. While we don't advise retooling everything at once, trading up a few staples at a time is the ticket to solid style. Each week we'll pull a dud from the dark depths of every man's collection and suggest a simple substitute. Check your nostalgia at the door -- it's time for your tune up.

If you're looking to make a strong style statement but aren't quite sure how to pull off the pattern-and-color look like Ryo Ishikawa and Rickie Fowler, we have a suggestion for you: try adding a micro pattern to your wardrobe.

These small designs wear just like solids and have been all over the market for the past few seasons. From 20 yards out you'll look just like the rest of your foursome but upon closer review your style will subtly stand on its own. Start with some easy dots then don't be afraid to elevate your game to mini prints and designs.

This summer, pick up a different kind of polo and work some micro moves into your game.

loop-Fred-Perry-Micro-Dot-Polo-v2-518.jpgWhite Fred Perry Micro Spot, $110

loop-lyleandscott-houndstooth-polo-518.jpgGreen Lyle and Scott Houndstooth, $130

loop-uniqlo-pink-pindot-518.jpgPink Uniqlo Micro Dot, $23

loop-Lacoste-micro-print-518.jpgBlack White Lacoste Micro Camo Print, $115

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Game improvement: Swimsuits you won't be embarrassed to wear to the beach this summer

By Alex Holmes

No matter who you are, chances are you've got some gear in your game that could use an update. While we don't advise retooling everything at once, trading up a few staples at a time is the ticket to solid style. Each week we'll pull a dud from the dark depths of every man's collection and suggest a simple substitute. Check your nostalgia at the door -- it's time for your tune up.

Holiday weekends during the summer can be some of our only excuses to hit the course and the beach in the same weekend so if you haven't stepped up your swimwear lately it could be high time for an upgrade.

Unless you look like Daniel Craig, we'd suggest you steer clear of James Bond's super-short swimmers. That doesn't mean, though, that your old baggy board shorts are the answer either. Find a happy medium with a mid-length trunk that hits you just above the knee, and you'll be safe on any beach. Similarly, stay away from excess cargo pocketing and swirling paisley designs and keep your swimwear on the softer side. If you think you could get away with wearing your suit as a pair of shorts you're heading in the right direction.

If you've been following our style posts you'll know that solids, stripes and color-blocked patterns continue to trend on tour as well as on the rest of the menswear market. Well, swim style is no different. Check out three fresh suits to bring to the beach this summer so you can hit the sand in style. 

loop-wellen-swimsuit-480.jpgWellen Surf, $68

loop-saturdays-NYC-swimwear-480.jpgSaturdays NYC, $75

loop-OB-swimwear-420.jpgOrelebar Brown, $240

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If you're going to go all red, white and blue for the Fourth of July, do it with style

By Alex Holmes

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and it's time to break out your red, white and blues. While we're all in favor of patriotic partying, there are better ways than others to strut your stars and stripes.

In other words, the goal is not to look like this guy.


Photo from

Instead, follow some of the ideas below and you'll be set for your July 4 foursomes.


RLX Engineered Stripe
The engineered stripe is on trend this season, and the shirt looks like a smart way to channel some patriotism without going full on flag. 


Uniqlo Navy Dry Stretch Trouser
I'm a firm believer that whatever themed occasion you are outfitting yourself for you should be able to break the pieces down and have them make sense with the rest of your closet, no matter the time of year you wear them. The Dry Stretch Trouser was designed in collaboration with Adam Scott to accommodate all your golfing needs. It's also a well-fitting basic that you can wear throughout the year.

loop-Beltology-518.jpgBeltology Navy Braided Belt
Forget about the color of your shoes and hat and make sure to match your belt to either your shirt or trousers. The lack of contrast through your middle is slimming, and it is a more subdued way to tie your outfit together. Again, this is a standard casual piece that will work with shorts or jeans, at the office or around on the weekend. 


Ping Red Golf Hat
The red hat tops off your star-spangled style while protecting your face from the sun. I'm feeling the slightly alternative vibe with the asymmetrical logo.


True Linkswear White True Lyt Dry
One of the most comfortable shoes in golf continues to develop with more offerings each season. The True Lyt Dry is another one of the company's tour-level shoes featuring its signature wide toe box and zero toe-heel drop.

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Bucket hats are uncool, you say? We beg to differ

By Marty Hackel

Protecting yourself from the course from the summer sun's harmful rays should be a priority, and your first line of defense is a proper hat. A bucket hat, a favorite of PGA and Champions Tour pro Kirk Triplett, is your best option for covering your head, face, neck and ears. Now, thanks to a couple brands, you won't have to substitute style for function.

Dorfman Pacific offers a few smart choices, including its MC288 line (below). The hats come in three colors and feature Supplex Nylon and Coolmax technology to help wick sweat. Made of brushed twill, Dorman Pacific's 864M is a lighter option. 


Stetson offers bucket hats with 2 1/2- and 3 1/2-inch brims that use a treated nylon fabric to help repel insects, especially helpful in warm, wet climates.


The hats retail for about $35. Because of their size, my advice is to stick with neutral or earth tones. Then again, when it comes to your health, protecting yourself is all the style you need.

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