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Uniqlo’s heattech long johns are cheap, light, comfortable and oh yeah, really freakin’ warm.

I’ve lived in New York my whole life and no matter how many winters I’ve gone through the first few freakishly cold days of the season always hit me like a ton of igloo bricks. Temperatures dipped into the single digits in New York this week and while I managed to protect my upper body well enough with a base layer, sweater and a parka, I made the mistake of walking to work with only jeans and boots on from the waist down. By the time I got to the office I looked like a Tim Burton cartoon with two denim icicles for legs.

“Never again,” I mumbled as I walked down the street to Uniqlo, where I purchased two pairs of Heattech long johns ($19.90 each). The lower body layer is so warm and comfortable I haven’t taken them off since. Well, I guess I’ve washed them a few times.


Uniqlo’s proprietary heattech technology has a number of specific design developments to keep you warm and dry all winter. The fabric creates air pockets to trap and maintain warm air against your skin similar to the way wetsuits trap a layer of water between the suit and your skin. The heattech fabric also pulls your sweat to its outer layer in order to promote evaporation, thus alleviating the stank that tends to build up on some other synthetic base layers. Uniqlo has also engineered a way to weave camellia oil into the fabric in order to smooth out and soften the layer against the skin. 


From top to bottom Uniqlo’s heattech gear manages to work a ton of, well, tech into a layer that feels thinner than your underwear. They’re a godsend when hitting balls in those “heated” bays and I’ve worn them under everything from suits to sweatpants and no one’s been the wiser. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a beefy flannel trouser keeping the cold out from December through March but, if you don’t have to dress up for work or aren’t ready to drop the jeans just yet, you’d be hard pressed to find a better winter weather layer than Uniqlo’s range of heatteach styles. Everything’s available on their website,

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Jason Dufner signs with Vineyard Vines, takes preppy golf to a whole new level

Jason Dufner is somewhere in between a meme and an icon. He's the professional golfer who looks like he walked straight out of a frat house, which is why we love him.

Dufner kicked that image up a notch on Monday when clothing company Vinyard Vines announced that Duf was the company's newest brand ambassador. Following Brett Quigley, an earlier Vineyard Vines tour presence, Dufner will wear the company's clothes for the rest of the year. Among the products Dufner recommends are a pair of pink club pants and a blue checkered sport coat. 

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AG Apparel launches debut golf collection, signs Camillo Villegas as its ambassador

The long standing denim stalwart, AG Apparel, recently announced it's entering the golf market. The brand will launch its debut golf collection, AG Green Label, on Jan. 22 at the PGA Merchandise Show and has already inked Camilo Villegas as the brand's first professional ambassador on tour. 

AG Green Label 1 - Camilo Villegas-518.jpg
While AG is known for doing all things denim they started to broaden the lifestyle concept of the brand over the last few years with a more meaningful assortment of sweaters, knits and outerwear pieces. AG Green Label seems to mirror the styling of AG Apparel's recent ready-to-wear roll out with minimalist, modern looks for the links. Early images of the product are defined by sharp fits, cool soft shades and acute attention to detail. Limited logos and tight accents accentuate the set-ups from head to toe and create strong statements with simple style.

AG Green Label 3 - 2 Guys Walking Shot[1]-518.jpg
If there was ever a brand to push the envelope for denim on the golf course it'd be AG, but it doesn't look like they've developed the golf jean just yet. However, judging from some the product shots AG's denim DNA might be a theme that threads through this collection, though. The light blue slim fit khakis for example look like they've been printed with a denim-effect and sewn together with contrast thread to give them that faded blue jean look while still maintaining the drape and wear of a classic chino. I'm still in favor of abolishing the blue-jean ban across the board but, until then, these feel like a fresh step in the right direction that shouldn't cause too much commotion at the club. 

AG Green Label 2 - Denim Effect Trousers[2]-518.jpg
What we're seeing here is more of the recent trend of high quality, casual sportswear as golf wear and we are all for it. The price point feels fair around the mid-upper tier; especially when you start to realize that these looks don't differ too much from your off course cuts and two wardrobes start to blend into one. We're looking forward to the release of the full collection at the end of this month, not to mention seeing the kits Camilo cues up for 2015.

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Keegan Bradley signs with TravisMathew, already looks awesome

TravisMathew announced the addition of 2011 PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley to its stable on Monday, in what could shape up to be one of the most stylish signings of the last few years. 

While Bradley's kits with previous partner, Tommy Hilfiger, were defined by a new-age, patriotic pallet and fresh takes on classic Americana gear, TravisMathew may offer up a cooler, more casual SoCal style that should fit Bradley's somewhat alternative aesthetic perfectly.

Here's what we're looking forward to seeing in 2015.

Keegan's obviously got a Jordan addiction, and it's probably only going to intensify as Nike develops more custom golf kicks for him. TravisMathew will enable Keegan to show off his favorite pairs in style by working up darker, more tonal gear that smooths out his whole look in order to show case the J's. Compare this to how he pulled it together this weekend at the Franklin Templeton Shootout and you'll see what I mean.

A shift in color pallet. We're used to seeing Bradley in primary shades of red, white and blue, but look for TravisMathew to shift the scales into blacks, grays and navys as well as pops of in-between tones of teals, greens and pale blues. If put together appropriately, this should look like a subtle and sophisticated step up. 

I'm really feeling the five-pocket on tour for 2015, and Keegan looks cool and casual in these navy pants from TM. Again, the five-pocket should make for a better match with Keegan's sneaker collection than a standard quarter top trouser.

Keegan looks comfortable in his new clothes and I'm looking forward to seeing what Travis Mathew develops for one of the game's most exciting players. The stuff looks super strong so far.

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Move over Tiger mom jeans, Rory's sporting a winter coat for the ages

One Twitterer suggested Rory McIlroy may have borrowed one of his mom's winter coats. Another thought he might be paying homage to one of Joe Namath's vintage 70's motifs. Either way, former World No. 1 Tiger Woods' much-analyzed "mom jeans" don't stand a chance against the current World No. 1's elaborate winter coat sported during Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles game. 

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McIlroy was in attendance as a guest of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who also invited AL MVP Mike Trout and former Cy Young winner Justin Verlander.

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John Daly is engaged. Here are 11 potential outfits he could wear to his wedding

John Daly got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Anna Cladakis on Friday, and was apparently so happy about it that he got some hashtags going.

This will be Daly's fifth marriage, according to Golf Channel, so it's important for him to get his wedding outfit just right. Daly's become known as something of a fashion icon in recent years, so rather than recommending an entirely new outfit, we reckon he should revert back to one of these options for the big day.
The Spongebob option:

The comic book option:

The ladies man option:

The cow option:

The thunderbolt option:

The more-money-more-problems option:

The flower power option:

The artistic option:

The fancy argyle option:

The green zebra option:

And finally, the America option:

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The tour-pro look you should be putting in your apparel game

For the past few months, the vest has been trending on every tour in all variety of styles. If you haven't already put this piece into play in your own game it's time to think about adding one to your wardrobe.

On the course the vest is on of my favorite layering looks. In particular, it helps me stay warm without limiting the mobility of my arms or core through the swing. Off the course, I'll layer a simple style under a sportcoat to the office or inside a parka when the thermometer really drops.

Steal this look from some of the game's sharpest dressed dude's who've rocked this rig the right way over the past few months.

loop-luke-donald-vest-350.jpgLuke Donald: Luke's look is really cool because his top is tonal. While there's nothing wrong with working a white shirt in with this vest, limiting the contrast with the monochromatic look feels more contemporary.


Thorbjorn Olesen: If you're a young dude, you can wear something as classic as a knit sweater vest and still make it feel fresh if you cue up some high-volume pieces elsewhere in your apparel. Here Olesen throws this vest over his venom-green Nike polo and turns his look up to 11.


Branden Grace: Techier, outerwear inspired vests are another sleeveless style that can add interest to your wardrobe. During the work week, some of these pieces with a foul-weather feel often layer better over a sweater or sportcoat, as opposed to under them.

Follow the these pros on this one and check out a some of my favorite vests to wear on and off the course this season.


Uniqlo Ultra-light Down


Patagonia Nano Puff


RLX Ganton Fairisle Half Zip Vest


Colmar Quilted Down


Linksoul Cotton Cashmere Sweater Vest

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Why tour pros wear "outfits" but you should wear "clothes"

Most of today's modern tour pros wear "outfits" -- highly coordinated kits that pair specific items of clothing together, often matching them identically by color. I've come to describe this tour trend as the "Hook-Up."

Hook-Up: verb / (huk-up) 1. To match two or more colorful pieces of clothing together identically.
A slang term with early origins in the late 90's hip-hop community and most often used to describe sneaker / hat coordination.

Take Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia.

loop-fowler-garcia-hook-up-518.jpgI'll be the first to say that not only are Fowler and Garcia two of the game's most dominant players, they're also two of golf's best dressed. Their clothes fit well, they understand styling and they consistently present an impactful image both personally as well as for their endorsers.

However, just because #theseguysaregood doesn't necessarily mean you should follow their lead on this tour trend, and here's why.

1. It makes you look like you're trying way too hard.
I don't care whether you're talking about Freddy Mercury or Freddie Couples, no one in the canon of cooldom has ever made it look like they were trying to look a specific way. We've all seen that guy who rolls up to the first tee completely decked out in this season's J. Lindeberg. Don't be that guy.

2. Hooking-up a highly coordinated look can be pretty limiting.
Specifically so when it comes to wearing those pieces with the rest of your wardrobe. If you can pull these moves together for every round next season than great for you, but I play too much golf and do too little laundry to ever make this work. Point is, even if your neon-yellow spikes, belt and hat all look fresh together, they can be difficult to breakdown and work in with the rest of the clothes in your closet.

These aren't strictly golf guidelines, either. Maybe you're not into clothes and don't have much of a wardrobe, which is totally cool. Everyone, though, gets in a bind sometimes when they need to pull something together for a wedding and they've got to drop a little dough on a look they'd like to last. Instead of letting some salesman hook you up in an outfit with a plaid shirt and purple tie, pick up a sharp, solid suit and some basic furnishings in light blues and navys that will work with everything you'll ever own. This way, if you grow out of some of your gear you won't be SOL when the next event rolls around and you have to start the whole process from scratch.

So, if someone's willing to pay you tons of money to wear certain styles, don't ask questions and keep that gig up for as long as you can. If, however, no one is willing to sponsor you, you'll do well to find some of your inspiration outside the ropes. ... Read

The perfect T-shirt for the shortest hitter in your group

The saying "Drive for show, putt for dough" has survived this long for a reason. Hit it wherever you want off the tee, and a solid short game will save you strokes, no doubt about it. 

Even so, there's also no doubt about the social prowess hitting the long ball holds. You all know the guy in your group that can rip it off the tee. He's the man. His drives soars through the air for hours. Days. Years.  

Conversely, there's the guy who just doesn't bring any power to the tee box. That next gear with the driver doesn't exist. Never has. Who knows? Maybe he never will. 

short hitter t shirt.jpg

The guys at BombTech Golf, the custom golf club company based out of Vermont, don't want these players to be in hiding anymore. So they made these hilarious T-shirts. I'm in the process of ordering one for my cubical mate right now. The message is pure: You're pretty short off the tee, might as well own it.  

The shirts retail for $15 at

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Country-music guitarist helps create music-inspired golf clothing line

loop-sligo-JD-Jaggerr-rooney-350.jpgProfessional golfer Brian Gay is a huge country-music fan. Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney is an avid golfer. Inevitably, the two became friends, and it led to a partnership that was realized through Gay's clothing sponsor, Sligo Wear.

At the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am last February, Gay and Sligo debuted a line of golf clothes for men and boys. Designed by Rooney, the line is inspired by and named for his son, Jagger (shown with dad in the photo). The shirts feature a musical motif with a guitar pick and strings forming an argyle pattern and a rendering of 6-year-old Jagger Rooney's signature.

The men's line (shirts, $79; shorts, $85) and boys' line (shirts, $50; shorts, $70) feature similar patterns, so the little ones can look like their dads on the course. Here's a link to check them out.

A portion of the proceeds of all Jagger apparel is donated to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville.

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