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The outfits American fans are wearing at the Ryder Cup are nothing if not patriotic

GLENEAGLES, Scotland -- It's been a road game this week for the U.S. Ryder Cup team, but they have not been without their supporters. A hearty lot of American fans have made their presence felt at Gleneagles. OK, so maybe you haven't heard them all that much -- in case you haven't been paying attention, there hasn't been a lot to cheer for to this point. They've certainly been seen, however, typically adorned in some iteration of red, white and blue splendor.

The outfits have varied from clever to cliched, tasteful to tacky. Here are some of the ones that  caught our eye, for better or worse.

Tall stocking cap


Practical (it's been windy and a tad bit cold) but doesn't win over fans who are standing behind you.

American flag costume


Got to love the patriotic pride, even if it's a little on the gaudy side. We give him extra credit though for having the flag signed by several members of the U.S. team.

American flag polo shirt


Yeah, you guys tried, but the effort comes up a little short.

Vikings fans


Wrong sport fellas. It's golf not football.

Shorts and socks


Not bad … the matching socks help raise the grade here.

Bundled up


Who let Birdman crash the Ryder Cup party? Seriously, this American toboggan hat is way cool.

Star-studded Blazer


Love this. It's a nice dressed-up look without being over the top.

Dr. Seuss hats


These bros seemed to lack creativity … and sleep.

American kilt guys


Just plain awesome. It respects the hosts but showed their true allegiance and without looking too gaudy.

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Those U.S. sweaters look familiar for a reason

What's the deal with those retro sweaters the U.S. team debuted Friday morning at Gleneagles?

They're a variation of the sweaters the U.S. team wore in 1993 at the Belfry -- which, in addition, to being Tom Watson's last turn as U.S. captain, was the last time the U.S. won a Ryder Cup on foreign soil.

Watson wanted to bring that image back, so he specifically asked Polo create it as inspiration. The intarsia sweaters, made of merino wool and perfect for the Scottish weather, were kept under wraps until Friday morning.

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What goes into designing the U.S. Ryder Cup uniforms? David Lauren explains

David Lauren is executive V.P. for global advertising, marketing and corporate communications at Ralph Lauren, which has outfitted Team USA at this year's Ryder Cup at Gleneagles. We spoke with him last week for Golf Digest Stix about the process of creating the U.S. apparel, outerfear and accessories. Here is an extended version of that Q&A.

Golf Digest Stix: What's the main challenge in designing a lineup for an entire team?

Lauren: The team aspect is what differentiates the Ryder Cup from other premier golf events. Our focus is on meeting the needs of the players and delivering products that are not only functional but something that unites them and gives them a sense of pride.

Golf Digest Stix: When did you and your team start working up options?

Lauren: Over a year ago. After completing sketches, we spent months perfecting the technical elements. We continuously met with Tom Watson and the PGA of America, and once we all felt confident, we went into production. Then it was time to start fitting the players. We identified the top 25 U.S. players and had personalized fittings with each so everything would fit flawlessly when it came time for the Ryder Cup.

Golf Digest Stix: How many items did the PGA ask you to provide?

Lauren: We wanted to provide the players with more than enough options to perform their best while on the course. The full collection includes shirts, pants and sweaters, as well as a variety of outerwear. And this year marks the first time in Ryder Cup history the entire collection is available for purchase, which is great.


Golf Digest Stix: With the outfits you choose for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (see above), how many alternative ideas were drawn up but ultimately rejected?

Lauren: We created three options for each day, and though we liked them all, we had our favorites. The Watson team pick-ed the top suggestion on every account.

Golf Digest Stix: How much does the event itself and the gravitas that the Ryder Cup holds impact the look you were trying for?

Lauren: The rich heritage and tradition [of the Ryder Cup] have been embraced by some of the greatest players golf has ever seen. We wanted the U.S. team uniforms to reflect that vision by creating something that embodies the spirit of America and pays homage to the host country. We created the Black Watch plaid in green and navy as a nod Scotland. We used patriotic red, white and blue color blocking into each look and incorporated a band of 12 stars into the shoulder to signify the importance of each player. As a final touch, we embroidered the words "United We Stand" into the shirts as a nod to Captain Tom Watson's strong leadership.

Golf Digest Stix: Captains have famously, and sometimes infamously, played a role in the design process. How did Tom contribute?

Lauren: Anytime Tom Watson is on your team, you've won. His passion, professionalism, attention to detail and leadership are unparalleled. He took product testing to a new level and even wore each of the jackets in the shower to see how they would hold up in bad weather.

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Hits and misses from the last decade of Ryder Cup style

It's a tall task to outfit your nation's Ryder Cup squad. Captains and players come in all shapes and sizes and bring their own stance on style to the table. We take a look back at U.S. Ryder Cup clothing over the last 10 years and review some of the links looks they'll rock this year as they try to turn the tide against the Euros at Gleneagles.

2004 -- Oakland Hills


Oh my how fit has come so far. If you told me that the Ryder Cup clothing strategy in 2004 was "one size fits all" I'd believe you. For those of you who still think baggier clothes make you look smaller, I'm not sure what else I can say.

2006 -- The K Club


Sweater vests were trending in 2006 and seem to be a staple in U.S. Ryder Cup wear as far back as we can tell. Why, I'm not really sure.

2008 -- Valhalla


Sleepy styles were infused with tons of U.S. energy from a team that overpowered the Euros in 2008 at Valhalla. Justin Leonard's black-and-white argyle polo and AK's khakis are pretty pedestrian but hey, we haven't seen a W for the US since so I'm letting this all slide.

2010 -- Celtic Manor


Fashionable, maybe? Functional, certainly not. The baseball jacket struck out in foul weather in 2010 and half the team went so far as to cut the sleeves off of their slickers because they were so uncomfortable. We're all for breaking away from the standard red, white and blues but the purple cardigan and pinstripe trousers had Rickie Fowler looking as confused as we were.

2012 -- Medinah


Ralph Lauren modernizes classic golf gear in 2012. Striped polos and sweater vests manage to make an appearance on both squads throughout the last decade, and RLX executes a modern twist on some of the game's standard styles.

2014 -- Gleneagles


Ralph Lauren continues to pay homage to classic links looks while still modernizing some of the game's standard styles. Black-watch tech tartan trousers and engineered, color-blocked striped polos will make a strong statement for the U.S. team in 2014. This Sunday, we'll see if the men in the red trousers will be the ones hoisting this year's trophy. ... Read

How you can be a Mr. Fancy Pants like Billy Horschel

The $13 million man, Billy Horschel, has certainly made a name for himself over the last few weeks, but the kid's been picking up serious style points ever since he came out on tour.

In 2014, Horschel turned the volume up to 11 when he started serving up all sorts of bold bottoms over the weekends. Through the course of the year we've seen the FedEx Cup Champ look like a stud in everything from octopuses to electric plaids, and if you're trying to pick up on some of his sartorial swag, here's how to start:

1. Nail the Fit.
Whether you're wearing corduroys or camouflage, fit is the most important metric of style. Take your trousers to a tailor if they don't fit you comfortably in the waist, seat and thighs. Make sure they break just on top of your shoes; if you can't see your socks when you crouch to read a putt your pants are too long.

2. Party on the Bottom, Business on Top.
Nothing in your look should fight for attention. If you're wearing a louder look on the bottom, make sure your shirt, shoes and hat all stay on the simple, solid side.

3. Why So Serious?
It's sad enough watching grown men have mental breakdowns mid-round but, there's nothing funnier than seeing a dude in purple pants smash a 7-iron into the turf in frustration. If you decide to work some lighter brighter bottoms into your game, try to reflect that sentiment around your track, too. Who knows, a little levity may just do more for your move than you think.

Check out 5 of our favorite below the belt style statements here:

Nike Navy Muted Camo


RLX Green Frog Floral Print


Puma Orange Sport Lux 5 Pocket


J. Lindeberg White Geo Camo Print

loop-J-Lindeberg-LightGray-Digi-Camo-350.jpgMaide Golf Navy Tech Plaid


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A suit designed for bigger-bodied dudes

Size is subjective. The same way your pitching wedge is 4 degrees stronger than the one you had in your bag in the 1990s, your standard-size 40 regular suit you wore on your first job interview measures completely differently than the one hanging in your closet now.

Just as short irons got stronger, suits have also gotten slimmer. We're totally buying the slimmed-down silhouettes. They make guys with regular builds look leaner and feel more comfortable everywhere from the boardroom to the bar. That said, they can leave bigger bodied dudes either looking like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy or swimming in a suit that fits them in the shoulders but nowhere else.

Enter J. Crew's new Crosby suit. Based off the company's slim-fit standard Ludlow block, the Crosby maintains all the aesthetics of today's modern suit with a shorter jacket, slightly narrower lapel and flat-front trouser. It specifically buys your big man some room where it counts: across the shoulders, down the sleeve and around the thigh. The result is a sharp fitting, classic suit built for the bruiser.

In fact, J. Crew was so confident in its kits, which can be found on the company's website, that it used the New York Knights, New York City's semi-pro Rugby team, to model the new threads.


I mean if these guys wearing it, we're pretty sure the Crosby, available in two seasonal cloths and two basic for $650, can handle whatever you plan to put one through.


Photos courtesy of J. Crew

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Lifestyle Looper: 3 simple ways to look thinner without losing weight

In a perfect world we would all eat healthier and exercise more. But the world isn't exactly perfect, and the stresses of daily life mixed with the ebb and flow of your social schedule can make getting down to your fighting physique challenging to say the least. (Plus, how many of us are actually built like Adam Scott anyway?) Whether you're trying to drop a few LBs or just look your best with what you've got, how you dress can have a major impact on the guy you see in the mirror no matter what the scale says.

Angel Cabrera looks a lot more like most of the guys I see on the weekend-warrior tours than Adam Scott. During the 2014 season, Cabrera's weight fluctuated five to 10 pounds, but he looked better than in years past thanks to some simple style choices.

Angel Cabrera Summer 2013


Throughout his summer swing in 2013, Cabrera rocked some typical tour pro looks: a solid polo, white belt and a pleated trouser.

Angel Cabrera Summer 2014

By 2014 a few minor fit and fabric adjustments made for quite the dapper Duck …

1. Shorten The Sleeves -- A slightly slimmer and shorter sleeve on even the most classic cuts makes for a more modern look and adds shape to the torso.


2. Ditch The White Belt -- A white belt with a dark shirt and trouser bisects your body and attracts attention to your midsection. No matter what color your strap is, make sure to match it to your shirt and/or your trousers to smooth out a longer, leaner look.


3. Pass on the Pleats -- Here's an area where Cabrera can still improve. Those pleats just add fabric around his waist and legs that make him look bigger than he is. 


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Ode to Arnie: Five cardigans The King would love

After celebrating Arnold Palmer's 85th birthday we thought it'd be appropriate to commemorate the King's classic style with a salute to his most iconic sweater -- the cardigan.

The Cardigan sweater was originally conceived as a naval knitwear piece and was first popularized in the mid-1850s when tales of Major General James Bundell and his fleet's defeat of the Russians at the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War spread across the British Empire. Major General Bundell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, is the namesake for the 160-year-old soldier style.

The cardigan sweater remains a menswear mainstay and has a place in every man's closet. Dig back in to the Arnie achieve and you'll find tons of shots of the stud on and off the course in cardigan sweaters. Throw yours over a T-shirt and some jeans or layer it under a suit. Either way, check out five of our favorite sweaters and try adding a cardigan into your rotation for fall.


J. Crew Merino Wool Navy Cardigan
A basic that will never go out of style, layer this in everywhere from the office to the course to the bar.


Uniqlo Merino Wool Gray Sailor Stripe
Naval stripes are still on trend for fall and this banded cardigan fits right in. 


J. Lindeberg Wool/Silk Solid
The king of sharp style brings it again with this wool and silk stone-colored blend. 


Puma Teal Full Zip
Puma executes the modern take on the classic cardigan in a pop color and a zip front.


Joe Fresh Cashmere Retro Button Front
If you're trying to channel the vintage vibe and go old school Arnold, rock this mustard sweater with some navy chinos and you're all set.

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White-belt replacements that work on and off the course

If you've followed any fashion coverage over the last year or so, you'll know that the white-belt trend is waning. Sure, skinny dudes can still pull it off with the right shirt-and-trouser combo, but no matter what your waistline looks like I can't think of one occasion off of the golf course where you'd wanna be seen with a white strap.

So, if you're like me and think that golf isn't such a specific sport that it requires a completely separate wardrobe from the rest of your life -- and you would like to start getting some more traction from your gear, on and off the course -- check out five of our favorite straps that will look sharp wherever you decide to wear them.

loop-Beltology-Navy-518.jpgBeltology Navy and Red Aztec Weave


This Aztec design is a cool way to add some interest to your look - pop the color with a red polo or keep it on the subtler side with a pair of jeans and navy T-shirt. 


Patagonia Olive Nylon Bottle Opener Belt

The simple nylon strap is the perfect minimalist move that'll pair perfectly with all of your dark trousers. Oh yea, and Patagonia, the kings of functional fashion, also rigged a bottle opener on the backside of this buckle! Wear it responsibly…


Wolsey Black Nylon Strap With Rubberized Buckle

This black nylon strap and rubberized slide enclosure makes for a very sleek and stealthy style. If your trying to rock the monochromatic move in black, this is your strap.


Uniqlo Burgundy Stripe Woven Belt

Burgundy is one of the sharpest shades for fall - pair this with some charcoal cotton chinos and you're set for the season.


Hugo Boss Navy Geo-Camo with Matte Hardware

With one of the coolest ways to do camo yet, Boss blends in with a muted geometric design on a navy tonal strap with matte hardware - a very modern take on man's simplest accessory.

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Game improvement: A lightweight, stylish alternative to your leather overnight luggage

No matter who you are, chances are you've got some gear in your game that could use an update. While we don't advise retooling everything at once, trading up a few staples at a time is the ticket to solid style. Each week we'll pull a dud from the dark depths of every man's collection and suggest a simple substitute. Check your nostalgia at the door -- it's time for your tune up.

A full-grain leather overnight bag still feels like one of those manly must-haves every guy should own and be able to hand down to his kid one day. My dad moved to New York in 1973 with a Filson leather duffle, which he gave to me when I went to college, and I still use it for weekend trips. That said, leather bags can be expensive and very heavy to tote around. If you've got a weekend buddies trip on the books this fall or you're just trying to pick up a bag that's a bit bigger than your standard brief case, we'd suggest checking out some sharp alternatives to the standard leather carry-on.

While there used to be a big gap in the market between refined travel bags made by luxury brands and technical totes from camping and climbing companies, the void has been filled by strong offerings from both sides. More and more designers are using technical materials, such as rubber, nylon, cotton and canvas, in classic silhouettes to develop bags that are built to take a beating but won't look out of place at baggage claim on a business trip.

If you're in the market for a new weekend bag, check out five fresh, lightweight leather alternatives that'll take you everywhere you need to go this fall.

APC Navy Nylon Holdall


DSPTCH Light Gray Technical Weekender

loop-DSPTCH-v3-518.jpgFilson Black Waxed Canvas Duffle


Herschel Supply Co. Camo Duffle


H&M Black Rubberized Sport Bag


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