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Adidas looks to keep golfers well grounded with new Gripmore line of hybrid shoes

By Marty Hackel

When hybrid shoes debuted a few years ago, the goal was an all-in-one product you could wear from car to course without having to change. Still, concerns over the lack of spikes potentially compromising traction remained.

Adidas hopes to assuage such fears with its new Gripmore line, available June 1. The design incorporates 243 points of contact with the ground, maximizing grip without traditional cleats.



The company didn't ignore style in the Adicross Gripmore ($150) or Pure 360 Gripmore Sport ($130). I tested the Adicross (above) and love how it offers more comfort and stability than previous hybrids. Never mind me, though. Justin Rose has been wearing the Gripmore since March.


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Game improvement: 5 slip-ons that will keep your feet styling

By Alex Holmes

No matter who you are, chances are you've got some gear in your game that could use an update. While we don't advise retooling everything at once, trading up a few staples at a time is the ticket to solid style. Each week we'll pull a dud from the dark depths of every man's collection and suggest a simple substitute. Check your nostalgia at the door -- it's time for your tune up.

So you think your dad's tassle loafers are a little too classic for your commute to the course, but you've long since stepped down from the helm of the S.S Fraternalus -- leaving your boat shoes to the college bros. It's time then to check out five sweet slip-ons that will take you to and from your next round in style.

Vans -- $45   


Rivieras -- $90


Swims -- $165


Supra -- $70


Seavees -- $88


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Puma debunks idea mesh golf shoes can't have support

By Mike Stachura

It's easy to believe the minimalist movement in golf shoes comes with sacrifices. Lightweight, less-structured, spikeless models must mean less support and traction, right? Puma's latest entry offers evidence to the contrary.

Puma-Biofusion-shoe.jpgThe Biofusion Spikeless Mesh ($120) attacks those concerns with an external cage-like design on the inner side of each shoe to provide flexible support. Meanwhile, the shoe's collar uses memory foam to hold the foot in place by conforming to the contours of the ankle.

The carbon-rubber outsole has angled lugs for traction. A series of grooves in the outsole also makes the shoe more flexible and, with no drop in height from heel to toe, allows for a feeling of more consistent contact with the turf. At a little more than 11 ounces, the shoe maintains a lighter overall weight, too, thanks to the moisture-wicking mesh upper.

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Ogio is giving it a go in golf shoes

There is an unknown when a company branches out from its specialty to launch a product in a new category. The team at Ogio, however, believes its on solid footing (pun intended) as it steps beyond golf and travel bags into the golf shoe market in 2014.

Race.WHT (430).jpgOgio Race

Its foursome of models--the Race, City Spiked, City Turf and Sport--trade off the company's reputation for sturdy, stylish products. All four feature the company's Synkfit insole, which quickly molds to a golfer's foot and aims to minimize movement inside the shoe.

City(Spiked).WHT.BLK.jpgOgio City Spiked

The top-of-the-line Race ($170) stands out with its leather outsole and ventilation system to keep the foot from overheating. It's also designed with a wide-toe area for increased comfort and stability.

City(Turf)WHT.BLK.jpgOgio City Turf

The entire line is expected to be available in stores in May 15.

Sport.WHT.BLK.jpgOgio Sport

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Gear & Equipment

Five questions with Nike TW '14 designer Tobie Hatfield

Including Sunday's win wearing the Nike TW '14, Tiger Woods has won eight times since switching to a sneaker-like golf shoe he designed with Tobie Hatfield, the mind behind the Nike Free running shoes. Hatfield answers five questions from Mike Stachura.

Cruel shoes: Tiger Woods' precision extends to Hatfield's shoe design. Photo: Marc Lecureuil

Q: What's the challenge in designing golf shoes?
Golf has been one of the more unusual sports for me to work on because the golfer is on so many different types of terrain in one round, even in one hole. I mean, a gym floor is a gym floor wherever you go. In track, everything's the same. In golf, it's crazy. It's anything and everything.

Q: What changes were made for this year?
Tiger wanted to build upon the idea of mobility with stability. We've brought the dynamic Flywire technology of our other shoes to the golf shoe. It works with his foot when he's moving, but when he's at address and the club is moving, then it holds him in really nicely, and he can feel that power translate into the ball.

Q: How is a minimalist, "natural motion" design important in a golf shoe?
You want to feel what's underneath, not in a bad way but in a good way. The easier it is for the computer that's your mind to understand those differences, the better you're able to make adjustments and stay balanced. Balance is so key.

Q: How is Tiger as a shoe designer?
It felt like I was talking to this amazing computer. He remembers every shot he's hit in his life, what it felt like at the moment of impact, and he's very precise in how he describes things.

Q: How important is it for Tiger to win with this technology?
I can have all the technology in the world, but if the greatest golfer wasn't wearing it, it would be much more difficult. If anyone is going to change what golfers wear on their feet, it's Tiger.

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Augusta Shoe Show

By E. Mike Stachura

Go green: TW '13 LE showing seasonal colors.

As Spike Lee's alter ego used to say in the Nike Air Jordan TV spots, "Money, it's got to be the shoes."

Tiger Woods' new golf footwear, modeled after the Nike Free running shoe, might not be the sole reason he has regained his No. 1 ranking, but its distinctive enough to inspire a special version tied to the Masters, which Woods has won four times.

Nike's TW '13 LE has green, yellow and red accents on the outsole, the top eye-stay and the tongue. It'll be in stores this week in limited quantities. Enough for Tiger's sometime golf partner Michael Jordan. Mars Blackmon? Maybe not so much.

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Adidas releases an ultra-light golf shoe

By Ashley Mayo

Golfers walk more than four miles in any given round, so the weight of a golf shoe matters. But it's not the only thing that counts. With its new adizero Tour, Adidas has taken measures to design an ultra-light shoe that's also stable.
130103_aditour_men_460.jpgThe shoe, which weighs just 10.6 ounces, is 38 percent lighter than the TOUR360 ATV. The company achieved its lightweight objective by using a microfiber leather upper that is light, thin and strong, in addition to a 1.2 millimeter outsole -- Adidas' thinnest ever -- that is laterally stiff for stability during the golf swing, but otherwise flexible for comfort while walking. The base of the shoe's forefoot is widest near the small toe, which is where golfers need the most stability, while the shoe's 10-spike system adds traction. The adizero Tour will be available January 24 in five colors, along with a line designed specifically for women. (shown, below).

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