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Are you as athletic as a tour pro?

By Ron Kaspriske

A few years ago, Functional Movement Systems Founder Gray Cook (@graycookpt) put together a physical test for average golfers to see if they had the ability to swing a club like a tour pro. It was a pretty cool article, written by Max Adler (@maxadlergd), and it’s worth revisiting. Take the test when you get a chance and see how your athletic ability rates with the best golfers.

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Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.

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8 golf things you can do with your now-worthless March Madness bracket

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

It's that time of year again: March Madness. If only it wasn't for those ridiculous early round upsets, you'd be cruising toward a billion dollars of Warren Buffett's hard-earned cash (on the bright side, at least you didn't pick your bracket based on the school's quality of golf).

But don't fret. Look at your bracket as an opportunity to improve your golf game before the upcoming season.

1. Start with your drives. Hit some of those, and don't hold back.

2. Sometimes angry swings lead to wayward drives. Best to practice your knockdown shots, too.

3. And plugged lies. If you're like our Web Editor Sam Weinman here, you're guaranteed plenty of those this season.

4. When your bracket's below your feet, remember to keep your spine angle the same through impact. Give that a try.

5. Your short game probably needs practice. Another handy use for your bracket.

6. On your longer chip and pitch shots, let your bracket release to the hole.

7. Be assertive on your short putts. . .it'll impress the crowd.

8. And probably the most important thing to practice with your bracket: Penalty drops.

Maybe next year.

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GIF: Tiger and Cheyenne Woods' golf swings, side-by-side

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

It can't be easy being the niece of the best golfer on the planet, but so far, 23-year-old Cheyenne Woods seems to be carving out a space for herself pretty well. On Sunday, she became the first Woods to win a tournament in 2014 when she won the Australian Ladies Masters on Sunday.

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In any case, here's a GIF of both their swings side-by-side, both in full speed. You'll notice that Tiger gets to impact a fraction of a second before Cheyenne, and the reason for that is pretty simple: Tiger is bigger, stronger, and swings faster. One thing that's worth noticing is how similarly both Cheyenne and Tiger's lower bodies work through the ball. It acts as the motor for both Tiger and Cheyenne's golf swings, and is where each get the vast majority of their power.


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Somebody hit a golf ball through a gallon of milk, then put a GIF of it on Reddit

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

If you frequent Reddit's golf feed, you'll know that occasionally it churns out gold. This item -- a GIF of someone pounding a golf ball through a gallon of milk -- is fantastic, especially when it clips into slow motion.

Yes, it may have technically been a waste of good milk, but when it results in a GIF this good, I doubt anyone will mind. 

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Here's a GIF of Craig and Kevin Stadler swinging side-by-side

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Craig Stadler (Walrus) and his son, Kevin Stadler (Smallrus), will become the first father-son duo to tee it up at the Masters after Kevin's victory at the Waste Management Phoenix Open last week.

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In case you're unfamiliar with the Stadlers, here's a crash course: Craig won 13 PGA Tour events, including the 1982 Masters. He's 60 now and plays a pretty full schedule on the Champions Tour (22 times in 2013, one win). His son, Kevin, turned pro in 2002. After a few years bouncing between the PGA and Nationwide Tours, Stadler has been a full PGA Tour member since 2007, with his first victory coming last week in Phoenix.

Also, they're really similar. Just look at their golf swings. Both produce consistent baby fades as a result of a slight over-the-top swing path.


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What's your golf New Year's resolution? Here are ours

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Ah, New Years. The time when all the horrible stuff you did the year before magically disappears, and you can proceed with a fresh slate. No more reliving all those three-putt bogeys, those snap hooks out of bounds and those shanked wedges -- you know, the really awful stuff. Why, what were you thinking?

Anyway, we asked readers on Twitter and Facebook along with some Golf Digest editors what their golf New Year's resolution is. Here are some of the results:

Golf Digest Editors

Make more putts inside 10 ft. I'll do this by hitting more putts on the carpet at work. Hopefully my boss won't mind. . .

--Luke Kerr-Dineen, Assistant Editor

To stay in the moment. Too often, I dwell on mistakes I made on the last hole (or even a few holes ago), so I'm going to work hard on focusing on the current situation. This hole; this shot; this moment.

--Ashley Mayo, Editor, Audience Engagement

Beat a Golf Digest editor in stroke play in 2014. It hasn't (come close) to happening yet to this 25-handicap. But it's a new year, with new goals. Nothing personal, y'all. Let's go!

--Stephen Hennessey, Assistant Editor

Hit more draws with the driver. Shouldn't be too hard to do considering I managed all of three in 2013. . .

--Alex Myers, Associate Editor

Sneak in more two- and three-hole rounds. One way to play more in general is to take advantage of that occasional free hour before dark. It's a great way to practice, and an even better way to clear your head.

--Sam Weinman, Web Editor

1. Setup alignment sticks every time I practice.
2. Stop giving myself 3-footers.
3. Win something that matters.
4. Make the bag boys at Pound Ridge GC feel like princes.

--Max Adler, Staff Writer


Richard Spencer Churchill: To swing slower on my backswing.

Chris Bourquin: To check my ego at the door and make course management No. 1. Less poor decision making; more playing the odds.

Jason White: My resolution isn't about my swing, or breaking a score barrier, it's to simply let go and just have fun when I play. That's what it's all about anyways!

Don Trenary: To leave my "foot wedge" in my bag.

Dan Jacobs: Improve my core strength and flexibility.

Brad Sandifer: Hit a bucket of balls once a week. Walk more when I play. Find more golf buddies.

Eliza Lazar McNulty: To play St. Andrews with my husband for his 40th birthday!

Peter Bunevich: To never compound a small mistake and turn a bogey into an "other".

Al Schrand: To play within myself, meaning swing smooth and effortless! 300 yd drives aren't needed to shoot in the 70s.

Jeff Krauser: Walk 18 as much as possible.

Timothy Astleford: My resolution is to use course management more and not try to be a hero.

Dennis Hinkel: To work on my short game more frequently. Twice as much as I work on banging the driver at the driving range.


From everybody at Golf Digest: Have a safe and happy New Year!
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Happy Birthday, Bob Barker! Here are five GIFs of you beating up Adam Sandler

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

It's Bob Barker's 90th Birthday today! To celebrate, we made five GIFs of the time he issued Happy Gilmore a beatdown.

In case you don't remember, it all started when Happy Gilmore punched Barker out of nowhere. Yes, Bob was complaining about how bad Happy was playing. . .but violence? Really, Happy?

bb-4.gifFine. You wan't to play game? Barker will show you what's up.

To his credit, Happy did give him a fight at one point.


But come on, people. This is Bob Barker we're talking about.

Bob. Barker.

Happy Birthday, you 90-year-old stud.

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How Fred Couples helped the Seattle Seahawks win big on Monday Night Football

By Alex Myers

It had been a relatively quiet year for Fred Couples -- until last night. Couples had the honor of raising the flag for his hometown Seattle Seahawks before their big tilt with the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football and he didn't disappoint.

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"I'm going to act like a nut here for 30 seconds and get them all wound up," said Couples, who snapped a golf club over his knee to fire the fans up even more.


It worked. Behind the support of their 12th man home crowd and led by a budding star quarterback, Russell Wilson, the Seahawks trounced Drew Brees and the Saints, 34-7, to improve their record to 11-1 and take a huge step toward locking up homefield advantage in the NFL playoffs. The team's raucous fans also set a new Guinness World Record mark for the crowd noise, registering 137.6 decibels during the second quarter.

"I've got to be honest, this is more fun than golf ever is . . . this is a blast to be a part of," Couples said in this interview at the game.

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The Seahawks also put together a video preview for Couples raising the flag. It's worth watching, if just to see Fred Couples highlights set to the "Rudy" theme music.

(h/t SB Nation)

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Did Chi Chi Rodriguez pull off the best golf blooper of all time?

By Alex Myers

Chi Chi Rodriguez made a guest appearance on Golf Channel's Big Break NFL Puerto Rico. He wound up learning a painful lesson: golf can be a contact sport.

Rodriguez attempted the show's notorious glass break challenge, but his ball ricocheted off the apparatus and appeared to hit the 78-year-old in a sensitive spot. Check out the unbelievable clip, which includes some great reactions by the other participants:

A shaken up Rodriguez walked it off and uttered, "I forget I have something there," drawing laughs. Rodriguez eventually regrouped and broke the glass with his next shot. He then got that delayed-reaction from such occurrences (Guys, you know what I'm talking about) and bent over in discomfort.

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Following his (much) more successful attempt, Rodriguez was asked to do his famous sword-routine celebration and he obliged. What a gamer.

Since Rodriguez is OK, it's OK to laugh. Hey, America's Funniest Home Videos has been profiting from bloopers just like this for more than two decades. Therefore, we present Chi Chi Rodriguez hitting himself below the belt with a golf ball over and over again in GIF format. Enjoy!


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7 awkward moments in golf, as told by GIFs

By Sam Weinman

Golf is fertile ground for awkward interactions, even for those of us who have been around the game for decades. The worst moments? We think it goes something like this:

1. When the act of tipping befuddles you.

mrbean.gif2. When a member of your group rakes a bunker incorrectly.

bunker.gif3. When you've told everyone you're a good golfer, only to be exposed as a fraud.

bad-golfer.gif4. When your guests arrive in questionable golf attire.

5. When a playing partner has rage issues.

entourage.gif6. When a member of your foursome is a cheat, and everyone knows it.

smails-foot-wedge.gif7. When you inadvertently hit into the group in front of you.


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