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How to stay on track with your workouts

By Ron Kaspriske

Golfers have known for years that tracking things such as scores and on-course statistics can lead to improved play. Awareness leads to strengthening weaknesses as well as avoiding mistakes. That same concept has finally taken hold in the fitness world as more and more companies are introducing devices that monitor your health-and-fitness activity. According to Forbes, one of the biggest players in this up-and-coming industry is going to be Apple.

The tech giant already has plans for a health app as part of its new operating system. You can read about it here: The app (pictured below) will be included with the new iPhone 6, reports say. There also are rumors swirling that Apple will introduce a multi-function fitness watch, which makes sense since it's difficult to work out with a phone attached to your body or in your pocket.
Whether you still document your workouts with pen and paper or use an app, the idea of keeping track of your fitness makes a lot of sense—and one of the biggest reasons is motivation. I believe people who monitor their fitness and eating habits are far more likely to work out and make healthier food choices than those who don't.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.