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Tiger Woods didn't think he could win a point if he played in the Ryder Cup

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Tiger Woods looked like he had a bunch of fun with Rory McIlroy and Jimmy Fallon on Monday, but for all the Ryder Cup-junkies out there, the 14-time major champ did take a moment to explain why he decided to withdraw his name from consideration for Tom Watson's three captain's picks.

"Physically I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't be ready and not being ready for my teammates, for the captain, assistant captains and everyone who's involved in the event, I just wouldn't be ready and I just couldn't help the team. Every time your name's called -- and when you're on that team your name could be called five times and trust me, I've played all five sessions, some guys have played one -- but when your name's called, your name's called and you need to be able to go out there and get a point. And I just didn't feel like I could be ready enough where I could get a point, and with that being said, it was time to shut it down, get stronger and get more explosive again and get back for next year."

It's a somewhat surprising admission from Woods, who is usually pretty guarded about his health with the media. But in most people's mind, it seems he's come to the right decision for all parties.