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How do you shop for golf clubs? Study says it depends on your handicap

By Mike Stachura

By Mike Stachura

There's more that separates a high-handicap player from a low-handicapper than just score. New research from Golf Datatech suggests the way they shop for equipment is different, too.

loop-buying-clubs-518.jpgThe study of "serious golfers" (respondents played an average of 62 rounds in the past year) found 70 percent of low-handicap players (10 and under) said they tried new clubs on the range or course before buying, compared with less than half of high-handicappers (16 and up). Also, two-thirds of better players said they consider different models, but less than half of 90-plus shooters did.

The report shows a difference as well in where they buy their clubs. Only 3 percent of low-handicappers said they would purchase their next driver at a sporting-goods store, compared with 17 percent of high-handicappers.

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