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Fitness Friday: Pure it with your pecs

By Ron Kaspriske

fitness-friday-rickie-fowler-300.jpgYou need strong and pliable chest muscles (pectoralis) in order to control the motion of a golf club, particularly as you swing your arms up to the top of the backswing and then back down and across your body during the downswing. The lowering of the arms toward the sides of your torso—known as shoulder adduction—might seem effortless since gravity does most of the work. But what isn't effortless is lowering your arms with enough speed and power to deliver a golf club into the impact zone and smash a golf ball. That's where the pecs come into play. If they are elastic enough to expand effectively at the top of the swing, and strong enough to contract powerfully as you swing down into the ball—you're going to pick up some noticeable yardage on your shots. I recently spoke with golf-and-fitness expert Joey Diovisalvi (@coachjoeyD) on this topic. The pecs are often overlooked in golf-fitness training, he says, because most people think the core muscles are more important to generating power. But the chest muscles are crucial not only for power when you swing, but also for maintaining good form. Diovisalvi, who trains a number of PGA Tour pros including Rickie Fowler (pictured) and Dustin Johnson, demonstrated a couple of great chest exercises for golfers. Click on the video below to learn how to train your pecs for golf.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.

(Photo by Dom Furore)