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You and Sandra Gal have the same swing aid

By Keely Levins

By Keely Levins

PINEHURST, N.C. -- On a range full of elaborate swing aids, Sandra Gal was using one that you have in your bag: A golf glove. She put the glove under her right armpit (which is tough to see in this photo, but trust me, it's there), and made swings without letting the glove fall out. 

This isn't extremely groundbreaking -- people do this drill a lot, either with head covers or towels -- but usually the player will put it under their left arm. Keeping it pinned under the right arm seems like it'd be a bit tougher than the left.
The point of doing this drill is to promote a unified swing. The upper and lower bodies sometimes tend to move as separate units, so this drill helps keep them connected. Gal's swing got a little shorter, more compact, and looked more efficient with the glove under her arm. It helps take away extraneous motion; there's no way to keep that glove pinned to you if you're letting your right arm wing out at the top.