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Tiger Woods' back problems predate his pro career

By Ron Kaspriske

the-loop-fitness-tiger-300.jpgWhile golf fans patiently await Tiger Woods' return to professional tournaments -- he had microdiscectomy surgery to relieve a pinched nerve in his back on March 31 and is still recovering -- I thought it might be interesting to backtrack and see when was the first time he ever mentioned having back issues in a published report. While I can't be positively sure this is the first report where he mentioned an ailing back, he did talk about it being a reoccurring issue in April of 1995, when he was still an amateur.

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On the day before the start of the 1995 Masters, Woods said he had "just a little twinge in my back," and added that he had "done it before. It's OK." He ended up playing in the tournament and finished tied for 41st. There are no conclusions to draw. I just found it interesting that even as a teenager, Tiger's back acted up from time to time.

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Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.

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