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The 7 best ways to beat the heat at Pinehurst

By Keely Levins

PINEHURST, N.C. -- There's too much good golf going on out there at the U.S. Women's Open for anyone to let the heat slow down their spectating. Here are seven of the best solutions to stay cool at Pinehurst:

1. Fall asleep under a tree. There's no shame in doing something everyone else is thinking about doing.

 2. Carry an umbrella. It has all the benefits of being under a tree, but portable. 

3. Wear an umbrella hat. Take the middleman out and just wear your shade. Now both of your hands are free and you don't have to awkwardly do the one-hand clap every time someone hits a good shot. 

umbrella hat.jpg
4. Hide out in the merchandise tent. 39,000 square feet of pure air-conditioned joy. 

merchandise tent.jpg
5. Stop by the Hydration Stations. This is actually pretty genius. When you arrive and walk through the gates, you're handed a ticket that's good for one free bottle of water. You can redeem that at any concession stand on the grounds. Once you've finished that, keep your bottle and refill it at the Hydration Stations, which are the concession stands left over from the men's Open, converted to booths with water bubblers. 

hydration station.jpg
6. Chase down one of these ice trucks. I've seen a lot of these driving around, probably going to concession stands. Try to intercept one and convince the driver to give you a bag of ice. 

ice truck.jpg
7. Follow Lucy Li's lead and eat more ice cream.

(All jokes aside, if you are out there, make sure you're staying hydrated!)