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Round 3 at the 2014 U.S. Open, as told by GIFs

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

The USGA was in a bad mood Saturday, and it wasn't about to put up with a third-straight 65. With the help of good weather, Pinehurst played firm and fast, and the USGA tucked the pins every which way they could. At times, players had some real trouble holding greens.

But back on the range and preparing for their final-group pairing, a passive-aggressive war raged between Martin Kaymer and Brendon Todd. Kaymer set up shop next to Snedeker on the left side of the range, and Todd responded by warming up as far right as humanly possible.

On the course, Martin Kaymer got a little unlucky at points today, especially on the fourth hole. He pulled his drive into the trees left and found his ball wedged against a clump of pine straw that had resulted from a drainage line. He took an unplayable and made a good bogey, then followed with an eagle on his next hole.

It may have been slightly boring for the viewers at home, but for the press it was downright exhilarating when the camera panned Pinehurst's media center. That arrow is pointing to Golf Digest's Web Editor Sam Weinman and Associate Editor Alex Myers. Note the joint reaction when they both realize they're on camera. 

But let's be honest: there were exactly two things that really stole the show on Saturday, and those were undoubtedly Martin Kaymer's arms. Even NBC couldn't resist showing them in all their glory.

Oh, yeah. There was something else NBC couldn't help showing. . .