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Martin Kaymer's U.S. Open win forced everyone to dust off their favorite German car analogy

By Sam Weinman

Martin Kaymer is German. Germans are known for their efficiency and their masterfully engineered cars. Martin Kaymer played Pinehurst No. 2 efficiently and masterfully last week.

Do you see where this is headed?

The resemblance is uncanny.

Yes, if you paid close enough attention to the coverage of Kaymer's eight-stroke win in the U.S. Open, you could begin to detect a trend -- a seemingly unending stream of comparisons between Kaymer and a German car. Either that or references to his "German efficiency." 

It didn't help that Kaymer was wearing a Mercedes-Benz logo on his shirt, that he betrayed little emotion through 72 holes of the Open, and that his golf was, well, machine-like in its precision (See, even we just did it. Man, that was easy!).

Anyway, some examples:

"This was German engineering at its finest." -- The Seattle Times

"He looked like a product of German engineering precision while joining Woods and McIlroy on the short list of seven players who have won wire to wire in 114 U.S. Opens." -- Bleacher Report

"The 29-year-old German thus far has played like a 'finely tuned engineer,' a description Darren Clarke used for him when Kaymer won The Players Championship last month.' -- The Associated Press.

". . . He needed to seven-putt to win. Typical of Kaymer and his German efficiency, he just hit the first one in." -- The Los Angeles Times

And then there was Twitter.

The list goes on.

Fortunately, we saw no Kaymer comparisons to a bratwurst. Otherwise we would have had all the German cliches covered.