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Does the pain come and go? It could be arthritis

By Ron Kaspriske

the-loop-arthritis.jpgIf you're really sore the morning after golf, but the pain subsides when you hit the gym or play golf again, you might have the same disease as Phil Mickelson: psoriatic arthritis. As many as two million Americans suffer from it, says Dr. Gary Solomon, a New York City-based rheumatologist. It's often misdiagnosed as tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons around a joint) and shouldn't be confused with osteoarthritis (damage to the cartilage in joints from overuse). "With psoriatic arthritis, the tendons, joint and cartilage might be normal, but the tissue around the joint is inflamed. You're uncomfortable when resting. But when the area gets warmed up, it feels better." If this sounds like you, go see a doctor. The good news is the pain is treatable with medication. Mickelson, for example, takes Enbrel.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.

(Illustration by Lou Beach)