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Designer David Whitlam 'weights' it out with re-released Gauge Design putters

By Mike Stachura

By Mike Stachura

loop-gauge-putter-290.jpgOften in golf, it can take a long time for an interesting idea to take hold. That's why David Whitlam, designer/founder of Gauge Design and Whitlam Golf, believes a soleplate he first patented in 2002 makes some traditional heel-toe weighted putters even better.

The SPI-1 models ($350), which include the Devon (right) and Joseph, use a 6061 aluminum soleplate insert. The lighter aluminum saves weight compared to the milled 303 stainless steel used in the rest of the putter, so more mass can be redistributed to the heel and toe.

The SPI-1 is one of three recent designs from Whitlam. Also new is the Code M ($350), a face-balanced mallet milled from 11L17 carbon steel, and the reintroduction of the Little Dog mallet ($350), a toe-hang milled mallet that has a crescent-shape cut-out in the back flange.

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