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An app that lets you say so long to the single (golf) life

By Stephen Hennessey

By Stephen Hennessey

You're looking to play a round but don't like getting paired with strangers at the course. Why not pick your partners beforehand? That's the concept behind GolfMatch, an app that allows users to find like-minded golfers in their area.

After you create a profile indicating your handicap, preferred tees and other golf vitals, the app's algorithm suggests golfers and courses to play. You can create a match or join one that has already been created.

loop-golfmatch-app-432.jpgTwo 25-year-old co-founders, Peter Kratsios, a collegiate golfer, and Julio Rivera, who had been working on a similar concept, created the app this year. "It's like standing on the first tee, and picking which guys look the most fun to play with," Kratsios said. "At the end of the day, we want to create a better golfing experience."

And who knows? Maybe you'll find someone to hang out with off the course.

The app is free for download. For more info: