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Think NFL playoff scenarios are complicated? Check out the combinations for who could be World No. 1

By Ryan Herrington

Earlier this week, the stats guys at the Official World Golf Ranking let it be known that four different players -- Matt Kuchar, Bubba Watson, Henrik Stenson and Adam Scott -- could surpass Tiger Woods and claim the No. 1 ranking depending on their performances at the Players.

Kuchar: No. 1 with a victory
Watson: No. 1 with a solo second-place finish
Stenson: No. 1 with top-six finish
Scott: No. 1 with a top-16 finish

But there was a problem with this simple breakdown: What if more than one of the scenarios actually took place? Say if Kuchar did win and Watson did finish alone in second … what then?

We asked for clarification and got it this morning (thanks stats guys!). Warning: It's a little complicated. It reminded us of the last few weeks of the NFL season when you see the breakdown of what teams need to do to get into the playoffs. Except those scenarios are checkers to the chess of figuring out who would be the new No. 1.

Here is the breakdown:

loop-no1-scenarios-chart-450.jpgThe chart could go a fair amount deeper as there are an assortment of other combinations for Scott if he finishes between seventh and 16th. We'll just let things play out instead.