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Fitness Friday: Why sunglasses matter

By Ron Kaspriske

fitness-friday-sunglasses.jpgMany golfers feel that wearing sunglasses makes it more difficult to play golf, particularly when it comes to reading greens. I can sympathize. I don’t like to wear them, either. But I do. And the reason goes beyond unnecessary exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Protection from UV rays is the biggest reason to wear sunglasses, but here are some other reasons you might not have considered:

1. They reduce the chance of developing pterygium. Never heard of it? It’s a fleshy growth that covers the cornea (the clear part of the eyeball) and is very common for people who are out in the sun a lot. 

 2. They help you stay relaxed. Prolonged squinting can increase tension. Anytime a muscle group stays in a contracted state for long periods, it tends to have a contagious affect on other muscles. You’ll find yourself gripping the club tighter and possibly restricting your body turn. Don’t think so? Think about how hard you grip a chair when a dentist starts working on your teeth.

3. They help filter allergens. Trying to play golf with itchy, watery eyes isn’t ideal. And when pollen counts increase, sunglasses can help shield you from their effects.

4. They shield your eyes—literally. Dirt, sand, pebbles, bugs. All these things go flying every time you swing. Sometimes they're deflected straight into your face. Having glasses on will help keep your eyes safer.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.

(Photo by Getty Images)