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That time Tiger Woods taught Jennifer Aniston how to play golf on "The Tonight Show"

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

In April 1998, Tiger Woods had relinquished his World No. 1 ranking to Ernie Els, and after a four-win season the year before, had yet to win on the PGA Tour in eight starts. He was undergoing his first swing change with Butch Harmon, and at times, things turned into a bit of a grind.

But it wasn't all hard work. Tiger took some time out of his schedule to kick back on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show." He even treated Jennifer Aniston to a free golf lesson in front of the world. Here she is looking rather confident, presumably drawing inspiration from Tiger Woods' happy face.

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Here's Tiger teaching her how to grip the club properly. Jay Leno looks deep in focus.

And with her new grip, here's Jennifer Aniston hitting a golf ball as hard as she humanly can.

The rest of Jennifer Aniston's golf career remains unknown, but we do know that Tiger went on to win his first tournament of the year after his "Tonight Show" appearance, and after that, went on a streak of seven top 10s in his next ten events.