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Sequels often don't live up to the original but Tom Watson's new DVD proves that wrong

By Keely Levins

By Keely Levins

Four years removed from Tom Watson's original release of "Lessons of a Lifetime," a DVD instructional set sold in five languages and more than 40 countries, the eight-time major champion has updated the series with a focus toward better players.

loop-tom-watson-dvd-518.jpgA new, third DVD has 20 extra lessons that include tips for improving your short game. Watson's added advice on mental strategies is particularly revealing; who wouldn't want to hear how one of golf's coolest customers calmed pre-round jitters?

There is a nice mix of old-school knowledge and new-school thinking. Watson tells stories of his dad teaching him basics that he still uses today. Then he straps on a GoPro video camera, using it to show how much his head moves during his putting stroke.

The new DVD is sold individually ($25) or as part of a three-disc set ($50).